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Leveraging the Recent Election for Growth and Development  Peg Mannion Despite the polarizing and contentiousness nature of the recent election, our local public schools' faculty and staff members have been diligent and proactive in ensuring our students are learning and growing. These "teachable moments" are not just about  2017/4/17 4:53 PM  12K-
Superintendent: Characteristics of Strong Education Systems  Peg Mannion The appointment of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos brings attention to the important question of what are the factors or qualities of a high achieving education system? While parent choice, market competition and vouchers are key ideas that Mrs. DeVos 2017/3/14 8:43 AM  13K-
Glenbard emphasizes importance of service to others  Peg Mannion I am very proud to work in a school district where students, parents, faculty and staff value service to others. Through service, students learn they can make a difference with what they do, leading to more confidence and a can-do spirit. Students also de 2017/1/3 8:56 AM  14K2017/1/3 8:54 AM
Challenging courses prepare teens for college, careers  Peg Mannion Equipping and preparing all students for their college and career experience is central to any high school's mission. Along with the student's grade-point average, the No. 1 predictor of success is the student's course load during high school. Studies sh 2016/12/11 4:49 PM  82K-
High School Parenting is Gardening, not Carpentry  Peg Mannion Effective parenting takes courage, wisdom and lots of prayers! This is particularly true for parents of high school students. Instead of thinking of parenting as a list of steps or a formula for producing a smart, happy and successful adult, we need to  2016/10/21 4:17 PM  16K-
Fight the Summer Slide Peg Mannion As students enjoy their summer vacation, it’s important to be aware of the loss in academic skills and knowledge that is inherent with a three-month break from school. Known as the "summer slide," studies show that, on average, students will drop one 2016/8/30 3:57 PM  14K-
Equity in AP to adapt to a changing economy Peg Mannion The erosion of the middle class and the premium our economy places on highly skilled workers has placed a new mandate on public schools. First, schools must design programs that provide access to challenging coursework to all students, not just a select c 2016/7/29 9:33 AM  74K-
Growth Mindset Makes a Difference Peg Mannion A student's intrinsic motivation is what deeply impacts learning. We are discovering from research that a key driver that influences and impacts a student's commitment and work ethic is called a "growth mindset". A growth mindset can be defined as "the 2016/7/1 2:03 PM  18K2016/7/1 1:56 PM
Adults must deliver consistent message opposing underage drinking Peg Mannion Recently, Glenbard parent Doug Petit shared the heartbreaking story of his teenage son's death after attending an underage drinking party in the community. As Doug spoke to parents in the theater at Glenbard North, he said it's interesting that there is  2016/5/19 11:11 AM  17K-
The Value of Rigor in the Classroom Peg Mannion  Rigor is defined as “strictness, severity or harshness;” however, in the educational setting we extend the definition to include "challenging" and "pushed to think critically and flexibly." When we ensure a rigorous learning environment, stu 2016/2/2 11:14 AM  26K2016/2/2 11:06 AM
Watch the screen time  Peg Mannion  While in our school district we are excited about an iPad initiative beginning this fall with all freshmen, we will emphasize the importance of maintaining a healthy life balance when leveraging these powerful tools. We are cognizant of the real 2015/10/5 12:42 PM  34K-
School Funding Reform Act Senate Bill 16  Peg Mannion  Senate Bill 16, which would radically redistribute state funding for education, is under review by the State of Illinois legislature. The bill, as written, would cut the annual revenue that Glenbard Township High School District 87 receives from 2015/10/5 12:40 PM  35K-
The "Year of Over Testing"  Peg Mannion  It's always fun in January to identify the name of the Chinese lunar calendar for the New Year. While we are aware that 2015 is the Year of the Goat, in education circles we are calling this year the "Year of Over Testing." For high schools in I 2015/10/5 12:37 PM  35K-
Strategic planning key to success of iPad implementation  Peg Mannion  There seems to be no area of our personal or professional lives that technology has not impacted. In education, we know that if implemented strategically and carefully, technology can be a powerful tool for teaching and learning. In the past th 2015/10/5 12:35 PM  34K-
Important Partnership  Peg Mannion  In leading a high school district, ensuring a comprehensive safety and security plan is "job one." While academic achievement is central to Glenbard District 87’s mission, the overall safety and well being of all students is our top priority.  2015/10/5 12:33 PM  34K-
The Governor's Playbook for Compassion  Peg Mannion  When Gov. Bruce Rauner unveiled his plan to fix Illinois, he pledged to advance the values of competition and compassion. One key constituent group in critical need of compassion is the growing number of students living in poverty. For example,  2015/10/5 12:29 PM  95K-
Increasing Responsibilities of Public Education  Peg Mannion  The inception and establishment of public schools began in the 16th and 17th centuries. Compared with today, the original expectations for America's public schools were simple – teach basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills and cultivate  2015/10/5 8:48 AM  95K-
Be wary; education cuts never heal Peg Mannion  5/22/15 Want to know how legislators get through the gridlock of state budget woes and policy reform proposals? Visit a local meat factory and watch sausage being made. Yes, the legislative process is a grinding, messy, mysterious and an unbe 2015/10/5 8:46 AM  35K-
Teachers Advance Their Craft During Summer Peg Mannion  While one might think that for school districts summer months are spent cleaning, renovating and catching up on buildings, budgets and bus repairs, the reality is summer also is a time for our staff to continue to refine and advance their craft 2015/10/5 8:44 AM  94K-