Peg Mannion
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From: Monday, October 5, 2015 12:33 PM -0500
Subject:Important Partnership

In leading a high school district, ensuring a comprehensive safety and security plan is "job one." While academic achievement is central to Glenbard District 87’s mission, the overall safety and well being of all students is our top priority.  

The elements of a school’s comprehensive safety plan include evacuation/lockdown procedures, a strong security staff presence and a code of conduct that is consistently communicated and enforced with students.  

Another key component is establishing and maintaining a strong reciprocal reporting partnership with the local public safety officials.  Each of our high schools has a police liaison officer, funded by the school district, who is assigned to the campus.  The liaison officers contribute to the educational environment by participating in preventative programs that focus on deterring youth involvement in criminal acts.

This school resource officer's (SRO) role is not only to be visible in the building and at school events, but also to collaborate with administrators, in a confidential manner, regarding students who may be engaged in drugs, alcohol, theft, gang activity, bullying, weapons, etc.  Through our reciprocal reporting agreements, law enforcement and school officials confidentially share information about illegal activities such as an underage drinking party or a student accused of theft or vandalism in the community.

This information sharing allows the school district and local public safety officials to both proactively address potential incidents from occurring, as well as confronting and managing issues that may not be safe for our students, families and general community.

The student resource officer plays a critical role by facilitating open communication between local police departments, other law enforcement agencies and school officials.

Glenbard is fortunate to have this longstanding partnership with local law enforcement, where our mutual interests center on keeping our high school students and community safe. This important partnership highlights Glenbard District 87 strategic plan priority 3:  strengthen productive home, school and community partnerships for education. We value the collaboration of local law enforcement and consider our public safety partners a key part of our school community.