Peg Mannion
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From: Saturday, June 17, 2017 12:32 PM -0500
Subject:Public schools benefit from richness of diversity
With the issue of immigration in the national spotlight, it is important to clarify the role of public education, specifically, regarding immigrant and refugee students.  

First, it’s important to remind ourselves that many of us have an immigrant heritage. Most of us can share stories of important life and character lessons that were instilled in us by immigrant parents and grandparents. These family narratives include the importance of work ethic, love, family, generosity, faith, gratitude, strength and perseverance. The prosperity and greatness we enjoy in America is built on the foundation that was laid by multiple generations of hard working immigrants.  

Secondly, it's important to remember that our nation's core democratic values were framed, encouraged and "lived out" by our immigrant forefathers. Values such as life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, justice, equality and diversity are Constitutional principles that were embraced and celebrated by settlers from other countries and continents.

The public schools in DuPage County benefit from the richness of experience and perspective, language, culture and cognitive connections that diversity brings to learning within our classrooms, schools and across our great communities.     

We appreciate partnering with parents and families to develop students who will be leaders and contributors in the wider world and respond with imagination and compassion to address our challenges, instead of being limited to their capacity by fear and isolation.

For students in Glenbard District 87 and the surrounding public schools, specifically:
●     We will continue in our commitment and practice that a child's immigration status will have no impact whatsoever on his or her education.
●     Children have a Constitutional right to equal access to education, regardless of their immigration status or their parent's status.
●     We will not ask about a child's immigration status at school.  Public school officials have an obligation to provide services, regardless of a student’s immigration status and without discrimination of the basis of race, color or national origin.

In addition, public schools in DuPage County partner with our many excellent community organizations to provide resources and additional support for our families beyond the school setting.  Our amazing children are valued, and we remain committed that all of our children will continue to experience the warmth, safety and an optimal learning environment every day at school.