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Glenbard District 87 is a partner in Healthy Lombard, a village-wide initiative that was organized to improve the lifestyles and health of all Lombard residents. At the center of Healthy Lombard is an initiative designed to eliminate childhood obesity in Lombard within one decade or less. By reducing childhood obesity rates in Lombard, Healthy Lombard expects to positively influence obesity rates in Lombard's adult community as well.

Operation Pull Your Own Weight is one way Healthy Lombard is actively addressing childhood obesity.  Operation Pull Your Own Weight is a strategy that enables children to systematically prevent themselves from becoming obese for life and consequently helping to alleviate the epidemic of childhood obesity in our nation.

Statistics confirm that the odds of children who can do at least one conventional pull-up being obese are next to zero.

Most children can systematically prevent themselves from becoming obese for life by learning and maintaining (through good eating and exercise habits) the ability to do at least one pull-up.

Healthy Lombard sponsors will teach Operation Pull Your Own Weight techniques to students at Glenbard East, and the high school students will continue this fitness routine and then serve as coaches (on a rotation basis) for the students in the YMCA’s after-school program.

Healthy Lombard’s other partners include: the Village of Lombard, Kiwanis Club of Lombard, the Lions Club of Lombard, the Rotary Club of Lombard, Lombard School District 44, Tri-Town YMCA, the Butterfield Park District, the Lombard Park District, DuPage Medical Group, Elmhurst Hospital, Operation Pull Your Own Weight, Helen Plum Memorial Library, Iron Dragon and Sky Centers.