Course Description:

English 2 focuses on literature, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and study skills. Students connect writing and grammar with the three-paragraph essay, which they learned during the freshman year. Students demonstrate growth with more complex writing tasks: the goal is to master the five-paragraph essay with idea development and continuity, appropriate usage and punctuation, and accurate spelling.

Unit Structure:

English 2 is organized into 4 units, 1 per quarter.  Each unit focuses on a different theme and includes work in reading literature and informational texts, writing, and language skills.  

Common Assessments:

Students are assessed commonly in reading, writing, and language skills each quarter.  Quarters 1 and 3 are formative assessments to determine strengths and weaknesses.  Quarters 2 and 4 culminate in common summative assessments.

Curriculum Documents:

1 - E2-Quarter1 UbD6.5.12.pdf
 2 - E2-Quarter2 UbD6.5.12.pdf
 3 - E2-Quarter3 UbD6.5.12.pdf
 4 - E2-Quarter4 UbD6.5.12 2.pdf