Course Description:

The English 3 course focuses on a study of American Literature in various genres. Emphasis is placed on the development of American culture as seen in our literary heritage. Activities and assignments will encourage students to think critically about authorial intent and a textís enduring understanding. Students will also practice expository, persuasive and research writing to learn the various components of delivering an effective argument.

Unit Structure:

English 3 is organized into 4 units, 1 per quarter. ~Each unit focuses on a different theme and includes work in reading literature and informational texts, writing, and language skills. ~

Common Assessments:
Students are assessed commonly in reading, writing, and language skills each quarter. ~Quarters 1 and 3 are formative assessments to determine strengths and weaknesses. ~Quarters 2 and 4 culminate in common summative assessments.

Curriculum Documents:
E3 - Am_ Identity Unit UBD .pdf
E3-Individual_ Unit UBD.pdf
E3-American_ Dream Unit UbD.pdf
E3-Argumentative_ ResearchUbD.pdf