Course Description

This course presents an introduction to living organisms, how they function, and how they interact in the biosphere. Included are topics such as:  scientific method, biochemistry, genetics, evolution, cells (structure, division, and energy usage), ecology, and exploration of the interacting body systems (including some dissection).

Unit Structure

The Biology units were built around the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) that focus more on depth versus breadth of information.  Each unit will build towards the accomplishment of one to four NGSS performance expectations.  The performance expectations focus on building students√≠ skills of communication, analysis of data, use of evidence to support claims, planning and carrying out investigations, developing and using models, mathematical representations, and designing solutions.  The units build on each other and connections will be made between the concepts of each unit.

Common Assessments

During first semester, all students will design and construct a mini ecosystem in a two-liter bottle in order to demonstrate their understanding of how energy flows and matter cycles throughout an ecosystem.  During second semester, students will complete a natural selection computer simulation in order to build and test their understanding of the process and the resulting effect on the population.  At the end of each semester, all students will take the same summative final exam.

Curriculum Documents:
DNA .pdf
Evolution- Natural Selection.pdf
Evolution- Populations.pdf
HIstory of the Earth.pdf
Meiosis-Mitosis .pdf