Course Description
This is the second year course of a three-year science sequence that follows the content standards of the Next Generation Science Standards. ~Students are challenged to use the Science and Engineering Practices and see the Crosscutting Concepts that are common to all science courses. Students will learn scientific reasoning skills and lab techniques.  Chemistry is called the central science because virtually every other field in science, including biology and physics, requires a strong knowledge of Chemistry and its foundations.

Unit Structure
Chemistry Units begin with a macroscopic view of matter and its interactions with nature.  The course then studies the movement of heat in physical settings.  The second quarter of Chemistry focuses on Atomic Structure, bonding, interactions of atoms/molecules and the mathematical relationships within Chemistry.  Second semester begins with a study of Chemical Energy, followed by Kinetics and Equilibrium.  The fourth quarter of Chemistry includes enrichment studies beyond the scope of NGSS.  

Common Assessments
All Chemistry courses in District 87 give a group of common questions on their final exams. ~Common formative assessments are in the process of being created. ~

Curriculum Documents:
Semester 1:
Unit 1.  Matter and its interactions 01 - Unit 1.pdf
Unit 2. Physical Heat movement 02 - Unit 2.pdf
Unit 3. Atoms, Nuclear, Periodic Trends 03 - Unit 3.pdf
Unit 4. Bonding, Mole, Stoichiometry 04 - Unit 4.pdf

Semester 2:
Unit 5. Chemical Energy 05 - Unit 5.pdf
Unit 6. Kinetics and Equilibrium 06 - Unit 6.pdf