Course Description:

U.S. History is a survey course covering the history of the United States from the Colonial Period through the 20th Century. By examining the political, social, and economic roots, students will better understand the current developments that affect their lives.  Students will expand their reading, writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills as they analyze primary and secondary historical materials and evaluate the ideals upon which the United States was built. Successful completion of this course is required for graduation.

Unit Structure:

The United States History curriculum is divided into 11 major units of study which begin with a review the Colonial and Revolutionary Period and quickly transitions into an exploration of the Federalist Era, Jacksonian Democracy, and Westward Expansion.  In the remaining units of study, students will investigate key events and periods in U.S. history; these units include the Civil War and Reconstruction, Industrialization and Immigration, Imperialism and World War One, the Roaring ë20s, Great Depression and the New Deal, World War Two and the post-war era, and the Civil Rights Movement.  Students will conclude their study of U.S. history with an investigation of the presidencies of Nixon, Carter, and Reagan.

Common Assessments:

Chart and Graph analysis:  Students will analyze graphs and charts to determine trends in colonial society.

Point of View:  Students will interpret historical quotes by Jefferson and Hamilton to determine the differences between the first two political parties.

Map Analysis:  Students will use a map to determine the logistics of Indian Removal.

Reading Interpretation:  Students will compare the content of two newspaper articles from 1859 concerning John Brownís raid on Harperís Ferry.

Political Cartoon:  Students will interpret the meaning of a Boss Tweed/ machine politics political cartoon.

WWI Propaganda:  Students will interpret World War One Propaganda posters.

Photo Analysis:  Students will analyze photos of the Great Depression.

Sequencing of Events:  Students will place major events of the US involvement in World War II in order.

Song analysis:  Students will analyze a song related to the Vietnam and  the veteran experience post war.

Curriculum Documents:

1 US History Colonial-Revolution UbD.pdf
2 US History Early Republic UbD.pdf
3 US History Jacksonian Democracy and Manifest Destiny UbD.pdf
4 US History Civil War and Reconstruction UbD.pdf
5 US History Industrialization, Immigration, and Progressiv.pdf
6 US History Imperialism and World War I UbD.pdf
7 US History 1920s and Great Depression UbD.pdf
8 US History World War II UbD.pdf
9 US History Post war Era and  Cold War UbD.pdf
10 US History Civil Rights UbD.pdf
11 US History Contemporary US (Nixon-Reagan) UbD.pdf