Course Description:

Contemporary World History focuses on the modern world by investigating significant political, economic, and social developments since 1945.  Students will explore the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union, the rise of modern China, conflicts in the Middle East, and issues facing sub-Saharan African countries.  By studying the world since 1945, students develop a historical perspective while analyzing current trends in todayís world systems including global interdependence, terrorism, nuclear diplomacy, and human rights concerns.  Students will use a variety of current event sources to further develop the reading, writing, and critical thinking skills introduced in their freshmen World History course.

Unit Structure:

Contemporary World History will focus on four units of study that are designed to help students understand the modern world.  The course begins with a study of the Cold War which lays the foundation for many modern issues.  After completing this unit of study, students will explore the Arab-Israeli conflict and other Middle Eastern issues, modern China, and key issues in sub-Saharan Africa.

Common Assessments:

Cold War Assessments: Students will analyze a line graph and a map from the Cold War Era in order to evaluate the accuracy of details and inferences based on evidence presented in the non-narrative sources.

Modern China Assessments: Students will analyze propaganda and other visuals to evaluate the artistís intent and to apply their interpretation to their knowledge of the time period.  Students will also complete graphic organizers to demonstrate their understanding of significant events in Chinaís recent history.

Middle East Assessments: Students will demonstrate their knowledge of the Arab-Israeli conflict by reading a current events article to identify key supporting details in order to provide an explanation of the authorís main idea as well as to apply their understanding to make an accurate prediction regarding the future of the conflict.  Students will also demonstrate their understanding of the conflict through the evaluation of a regional, political map of Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Africa Assessments: Students will analyze a political cartoon regarding various events in recent African history with the goal of identifying authorís tone and perspective and applying their interpretation to their understanding of specific events.

Curriculum Documents:
China Unit - CWH China UbD.pdf
Middle East Unit - CWH Middle East UbD.pdf
Cold War Unit - CWH Cold War UbD.pdf
Africa Unit - CWH Africa UbD.pdf