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Course Description:

Students pursue total body conditioning and develop strength, speed, agility and coordination through various physical activities.  Information about various types of strength and development programs will be presented.  Students will also learn to develop personalized sport-specific strength programs and continue to improve their overall health related fitness.

Unit Structure:

Common Assessments:

Performance Assessment: Students are required to complete a pre and post-fitness assessment measuring their health related fitness: cardiovascular endurance (mile run), muscular strength (push-ups), muscular endurance (sit-ups) and flexibility (sit and reach).  Students will be assessed on growth in these respective areas throughout the semester as well as their junior and senior year.  Student data will be collected with Mastery Manager and studentís fitness test scores will be tracked through a database.

Cognitive Assessment:  Strength training students will complete a common district assessment at the end of the semester showing their knowledge, understanding, and application of various strength training principles, workout design, and fitness concepts.  Student data will be collected with Master Manager and scores will be tracked through a database

Curriculum Documents: