Course Description:

Students integrate previous learned and new vocabulary, verb tenses (both past and present) and sentence structures in both written and oral form. They demonstrate listening and speaking skills by responding to questions, developing small group conversations, and creating performance assessments in Spanish. In addition, they develop writing skills through directed activities. Students learn about the culture of Spanish speaking countries. The language of instruction is Spanish with English used for clarification.  Students will read a short Spanish novel during the school year.

Unit Structure:

Glenbard students enrolled in Spanish 2 will experience the same curriculum, which is designed to provide students with a rich linguistic experience that incorporates the four modes of communication (listening, reading, writing and speaking).     

Common Assessments:
Below is a breakdown of the common assessments by semester:

1st semester
Semester 1 Final Exam

2nd semester
Semester 2 Final Exam

Curriculum Documents:
Spanish 2 Curriculum Map.pdf