Course Description:

Students continue to study and refine their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills at an advanced level. Students review grammatical concepts and learn advanced Spanish grammar in context. They develop conversational and listening skills by creating and presenting dialogues and skits as well as by exchanging ideas in free conversational sessions in Spanish. Students refine listening skills through advanced listening comprehension activities. They acquire reading skills through fiction and non-fiction short stories and novels as well as read authentic literature in Spanish newspapers and magazines. Students gain writing proficiency through written exercises and short compositions. Spanish-speaking cultures are studied through class projects and discussion. Students are required to speak Spanish daily.

Unit Structure:

Glenbard students enrolled in Spanish 3H will experience the same curriculum, which is designed to provide students with a rich linguistic experience that incorporates the four modes of communication (listening, reading, writing and speaking).     

Common Assessments:

1st semester
Semester 1 Final Exam

2nd semester
Semester 2 Final Exam

Curriculum Documents: