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Our next Joint Committee meeting will be:
December 8, 2015 from 8-1:33 at Marquardt

Glenbard Staff Resources from Student Growth Work:

Glenbard Student Growth Video from January 20, 2015 Institute Day:


Video and Resources from Spring/Summer 2014 Assessment Development:

PART 1:  Assessment Literacy Video
This video is about 50 min long with places designed to pause and discuss.  Feel free to pause at these points and have discussions for as long, and as in depth as necessary. Even if you get the information you need prior to the end of the video, I encourage you to "hang in" until the end of the video as there are next steps in the last 3 min that you will likely find useful.

The accompanying resource packet has a copy of all the slides from the video as well as full-sized resource versions of some of the slides and tools.  I suggest you take a look at the assessment review tools at the end, especially if you are looking to work with existing assessment tools or questions.  



Some question and blueprint planning writing is helpful when there are examples to examine.  Of course, your tools will match your curriculum, and unlikely match the examples provided…it is likely that these examples may get your creativity flowing.  Additionally, information about writing rubrics, writing questions and writing wrong answers may help point you in the right direction.

Growth Assessment Examples Link:

Question Writing Excerpt:

When aligning a specific standard to a specific level of cognitive demand, it is often difficult to get the question writing process started.  The question stems are example questions, or fragments of questions, which can be used to start writing a question aligned to a standard at a particular level of difficulty.  These are not necessarily the best question stems aligned to any standard, but merely designed to get teams started in the creativity and assessment writing process.

Reading Informational Text & Literature Text
Grades 9-10:

Grades 11-12

Reading History
Grades 9-10:

Grades 11-12:

Science and Technical Subjects
Grades 9-10

Grades 11-12

Statistics and Probability:

* The Math Question Stems are in the BETA stage which means they are still in draft development. The question stems for mathematics are quite different as the standard structure is more variable and complex.  There are many examples which should be helpful.  Do not hesitate to share your thoughts/concerns as that would be much appreciated in the development process.

September, 2014 Feedback on Type II Assessments Developed:

Dates of Previous "Evaluation Research Task Force" Meetings:
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