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From:Monday, December 12, 2011 9:48 AM -0600
Subject:Open enrollment discontinued 
Glenbard District 87 has reviewed its policies regarding open enrollment.  The review is a result of two events:

  • The Illinois High School Association has passed a by-law that is aimed at prohibiting intra-district transfers.  The IHSA may declare open enrollment students ineligible according to their new by-law 3.031.  This would impact students who want to participate in athletics, forensics, drama, music, choir, cheerleading and other programs that are part of the state series.
  • The Board of Education approved an adjustment to the Glenbard East and Glenbard South boundary.  Starting with the 2012-2013 school year, students who live west of Finley Road will attend Glenbard South High School.  With this change, there would be a significant enrollment increase at Glenbard South.  This increase would remove space for transfer requests.
As a result of the information outlined above, the superintendent will not declare Glenbard South as a “space available” school for open enrollment.  

In November, the Board of Education approved changes to administrative procedures related to students’ assignment to school.  The Board approved removing the open enrollment language from the procedures, with the exception of legacy transfer requests from families with a strong history of sibling attendance and parent involvement at one of the schools.

The change in procedure was discussed by the administration, Policy Committee and Board of Education.