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Directions Program
301 South Swift Road, Suite 5, Door 5  Addison, IL  60101
Phone:  630-790-5800 press 1 for English or 2 para espanol ~  Fax:  630 790-5802
Directions Program Principal/Coordinator Raquel Wilson

Program Secretary Margaret "Peg" McCarthy

Watch the Directions Program video at the following link for more information:

The Directions Program is designed to provide a smaller, more personalized school setting, credit acceleration, student goal setting with the creation of a Student Success Plans, and preparation for career and college goals through the Technology Center of DuPage (TCD).

Students are selected for the Directions Program by their Glenbard serving school. through the Response to Intervention (RtI) process. Parent consent is required prior to a student being considered and students accepted into the program will develop a Student Success Plan to identify strengths, interests and goals.

Students will be given opportunities for direct group instruction, credit acceleration and coursework through Technology Center of DuPage (TCD) in one of 13 different college/career programs. A career assessment is given to assist in the program selection process. Schedules vary depending on student interest, remaining graduation requirements and openings in TCD courses.
Students are expected to:
Attend every day and arrive on time
Complete all coursework successfully
Actively participate in planning for coursework and future goals
Conduct themselves in accordance with Glenbard District 87 and TCD behavioral expectations
Collaborate with staff to improve skills and achieve individual goals

An AM Directions sample schedule is below:                              A PM Directions sample schedule is below:
Period 1 English graduation requirement/elective                                Period 1-3 AM TCD Program
Period 2 Math graduation requirement/elective                                   Period 4 Math Elective graduation requirement/elective
Period 3 Physical Education                                                     Period 5A Lunch
Period 4 Social Studies graduation requirement/elective                 Period 5B Strive
Period 5A Strive                                                                        Period 6 Science graduation requirement/elective
Period 5B Lunch                                                                 Period 7 English graduation requirement/elective
Period 6-8 PM TCD program                                                       Period 8 Social Studies graduation requirement/elective

Please contact your school Counselor for more information.