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Glenbard Township High School District 87
Policy 2:250-E3

Board of Education

Exhibit – Recurrent Requester Notification

The District Freedom of Information Officer completes this form on District letterhead.

_________________________________________________   _____________________
Name of record(s) requester                                                         Date of receipt of request

Contact information

You are notified that your request for a District record(s) is being treated as a request form a recurrent requester, as defined in Section 2(g) of the Freedom of Information Act.

Your request is being treated as a request from a recurrent requester because, in the 12 months immediately preceding this request, you have submitted to the District one or more of the following:

__ 1. A minimum of 50 requests for records

__ 2. A minimum of 15 requests for records within a 30-day period

__ 3. A minimum of 7 requests for records within a 7-day period

You will be provided an initial response to your request for documents within 21 business days following the date the District received your request.

In that response, you will recieve one of the following responses, whichever is appropriate:

1. An estimate of the time required by the District to provide the records requested and an estimate of the fees to be charged, which you must pay in full before the District copies the requested documents; or

2. A denial of the request pursuant to one or more of the exemptions set out in the Freedom of Information Act; or

3. A notification that the request is unduly burdensome and an extension of an opportunity for you to reduce the request to manageable proportions; or

4. Provision of the records requested.

_________________________________________________   _____________________________________
Name of Freedom of Information Officer (Printed)                         Telephone or email contact information

_________________________________________________   _____________________________________
Freedom of Information Officer (Signature)                                   Date of Recurrent Requester Notification

REVIEWED: November 28, 2011

ADOPTED:  January 23, 2012