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Glenbard Township High School District 87
Policy 4:45

Operational Services

Insufficient Fund Checks and Debt Recovery

The Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations is responsible for collecting up to the maximum fee authorized by State law for returned checks written to the District which are not honored upon presentation to the respective bank or other depository institution for any reason.

Delinquent Debt Recovery

The Superintendent is authorized to seek collection of delinquent debt owed the District to the fullest extent of the law. A Local Debt Recovery Program may be available through the Illinois Office of the Comptroller (IOC) in the future. To participate in it, an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) between the District and the IOC must be in existence. The IGA establishes the terms under which the District may refer a delinquent debt to the IOC for an offset (deduction). The IOC may execute an offset in the amount of the delinquent debt owed to the District from a future payment that the State makes to an individual or entity responsible for paying the delinquent debt.

The Superintendent or designee shall execute the requirements of the IGA. While executing the requirements of the IGA, the Superintendent or designee is responsible, without limitation, for each of the following:

1.  Providing a District-wide, uniform, method of notice and due process to the individual or entity against whom a claim for delinquent debt payment (claim) is made. Written notice and an opportunity to be heard must be given to the individual or entity responsible for paying a delinquent debt before the claim is certified to the IOC for offset. The notice must state the claim’s amount, the reason for the amount due, the claim’s date or time period, and a description of the process to challenge the claim. An individual or entity challenging a claim shall be provided an informal proceeding to refute the claim’s existence, amount, or current collectability; the decision following this proceeding shall be reviewable. If a waiver of student fees is requested as a challenge to paying the claim, and the waiver of student fees is denied, an appeal of the denial of a fee waiver request shall be handled according to 4:140, Waiver of Student Fees. If no waiver of student fees is requested, reviews regarding payment of the claim shall be handled according to this policy before certification to the IOC for offset.

2.  Certifying to the IOC that the debt is past due and legally enforceable, and notifying the IOC of any change in the status of an offset claim for delinquent debt.

3.  Responding to request for information from the IOC to facilitate the prompt resolution of any administrative review requests received by the IOC.

LEGAL REF:          15 ILCS 405/10.05 and 10.05d.
                             810 ILCS 5/3-806.

ADOPTED:            December 8, 1997

REVIEWED:           March 13, 2006

REVIEWED:           February 11, 2013

REVISED:              March 18, 2013

REVIEWED:           May 4, 2015

REVISED:              June 22, 2015

REVIEWED:           July 20, 2015

REVISED:              September 14, 2015