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Glenbard Township High School District 87
Policy 4:45-R1

Operational Services

Administrative Procedure – Insufficient Funds Checks

The following will occur whenever any individual writes a check, paper or electronic, to the District that is not honored upon presentation to the respective bank or other depository institution for any reason:

1.  The Superintendent or designee will contact the individual by telephone as soon as the check is returned to the District. The individual will be asked to pay the returned check amount and the twenty dollar ($20.00) returned check fee.

2.  If the amount due is not paid after initial contact, the amount of the check and the returned check fee will be posted to the student's account for collection. The student's statement will be sent to the parent(s)/guardian(s) for payment.

3. If the debt remains outstanding, the insufficient funds check and service fee will be included on the subsequent year’s registrations, the bookkeeper will not accept a personal check for payment.  All registration charges and the outstanding debts must be paid with cash or a cashier’s check.

DATED:          March, 1999

REVISED:      April 3, 2006

REVIEWED:   October 29, 2012

REVISED:      November 12, 2012