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Glenbard Township High School District 87
Policy 4:90-R1

Operational Services

Administrative Procedure – Student Activity Fund Management

The student activity funds treasurer in each building shall keep all monies in a Board-approved designated depository and maintain appropriate accounts. Each student activity receiving money from any source must deposit the money with the student activity treasurer and obtain a signed
receipt. The student activity funds treasurer shall, to the extent feasible, deposit funds the day that they are received.

On a monthly basis, the Superintendent or designee will report to the Board of Education amounts received into and disbursed from each activity fund, and the amount of cash on hand in each activity fund. The Superintendent or designee will also provide the Board of Education with an annual summary of the foregoing information.

The fiscal year for annual reports shall coincide with the school’s fiscal year and all accounts shall be carried over into the next fiscal year by each activity, except that dormant funds shall be subject to transfer as set forth in Administrative Procedures – Student Activity Accounts – Dormant Funds.

If the Board of Education subsidizes a portion of a student activity fund, that portion shall be reported as an expenditure or disbursement against the regular budget of the District and reported as a revenue or cash receipt of the designated student activity fund.

LEGAL REF.:     105 ILCS 5/8-2, 5/8-7, and 5/10-20.19.
                        Rules and Regulations and Fiscal Procedures for the Operation of Local Education
                        Agencies, Student Activity Funds, Convenience Accounts, and Trust and Agency
                        Funds, April, 1975, State Board of Education.

DATED:               March 1999

REVISED:            November 17, 2003

REVIEWED:         March 13, 2006