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Glenbard Township High School District 87
Policy 4:110-R1

Operational Services

Administrative Procedure – Transportation Procedures


A. Students residing at least one and one-half miles from school shall be provided free transportation to school.  Cases in which there is doubt as to the distance a student resides from his or her school of attendance must be referred to the District's Director of Transportation for measurement and other review.  Distance challenges will be handled by the Director of Transportation for resolution.

B. Subject to the submission of a petition to the Board of Education, and in accordance with Section 29-3 of the Illinois School Code (105 ILCS 5/29-3), the Board of Education may permit students residing within one and one-half miles from school of attendance to receive free transportation to school where conditions are such that walking, either to or from the school or to or from the school or to or from a pick-up point or bus stop, is determined to be a serious hazard to the safety of the student due to vehicular traffic or rail crossings.  Such transportation shall not be provided if adequate transportation for the public is available.

Fee-Based Transportation

The Board of education recognizes that students who do not qualify for free busing may still desire busing to school.  Transportation may be provided on a fee basis to students that do not qualify for free transportation if the following conditions are met:

  • Space must be available on the bus.  Space availability will not be determined until September 15th of each school year when bus capacities are determined.
  • If space is available, the student must enter the bus from a regularly established bus stop serving the student's school of attendance.  The District will not add additional routes for such students.
  • The applicant must complete an application (Form 4:110-E2), which must in turn be approved by the Director of Transportation.
  • Fees must be paid in advance of service offered to student.
Privileges to ride the bus may be revoked for inappropriate behavior or infractions of the rules, as determined solely in the discretion of the District.  There will be no refund of fees if privileges are revoked for disciplinary reasons.

Students that are eligible for free transportation shall take precedent over fee-paying students for spaces on a bus.  If at any time during the school year a student that is eligible for free transportation is added to the bus roster and, as a result, there are no longer enough seats to accommodate a fee paying student, the fee paying student shall be removed from the bus roster.  If there is more than one fee paying student on the bus roster, the fee paying student who paid his or her fee last to the District will be removed from the bus roster.  If a fee paying student is removed from the bus roster due to limited space, the District reimburse the fee paying student removed from the bus roster pro-rated.  

The cost for fee-based transportation shall be set each year by the Board of Education.

Determination of Bus Zones and Routes

A. Usually in the spring prior to the first year in high school, but no later than the opening of school, every student must complete a student statistical sheet. The statistical sheets must be submitted to the Guidance Office as soon as possible after completion.

B. The District Administrative Center must assign each student to a zone within the appropriate school attendance area. The zone assignment reflects whether or not a student is eligible to ride a bus.

C. Homeless students shall be assigned a bus route in accordance with the McKinney Homeless Assistance Act.

D. The District Transportation Office will establish bus routes taking into account the density of student population in the various zones and the particular needs of each building. The District Transportation Office must list bus routes by school, showing place and time of pickups by route. The route of listings must be forwarded to each building. Data processing, on return of the bus report from the bus company, must file them for use in preparation of reimbursement reports.

E. District Data Department will enter information to indicate if the student is eligible to ride a bus.

F. At registration each fall, a student’s identification card should be stamped “bus” so that the driver can easily read it. The student must also be provided the bus route that he/she has been assigned.

New Students or Student Change of Address

A. New students or students who enter or have a change of address during the school year must complete a student statistical sheet on which the District Administrative Center must assign a zone number.

B. Such students that are eligible to ride a bus will be provided with an assigned bus route.

C. If a student’s change of address results in a change in the student’s bus eligibility, the student must get a new student identification card.

Quality of transportation Service

A. Meetings shall be held quarterly with the transportation contractor to review the following areas to insure quality bus service:

1. Discipline

2. Communication between contractor and school

3. Pickup and departure times

4. Bus loads

5. Adequacy of late bus routes

6. Adequacy of extra-curricular buses

7. Special event scheduling

8. Compliance with all local, State and Federal requirements for operation. This includes reviewing safety reports and driver certification requirements.

9. Bus evaluation drill.

Cost of Transportation Service

There shall be an annual review of the cost of providing transportation service.

Special Education Transportation

There shall be an annual review with the Cooperative Association for Special Education (CASE) of the following areas:

1. Cost

2. Safety

3. Scheduling and routes

4. Compliance with local, State and Federal requirements

5. Procedure for student placement on bus

Bus Rules for Students

The following instructions to bus students should be distributed at least prior to the first year of the student’s riding a bus:

A. Changing weather and traffic conditions make it impossible for your bus or call for you at exactly the same time each day. Therefore, we recommend that you arrive at your bus stop at least 5 minutes early; and while waiting for your bus, please have respect for other people's property and the roadway.

B. When boarding the bus, have your identification card ready in hand to show to the driver.

C. Conduct while riding the bus:

1. You may converse quietly with persons sitting near you, but must not annoy other bus riders.

2. You must not change seats when the bus is in motion.

3. Under no circumstances may you put your head or arms out of the windows. Windows must not be lowered below the mark shown on the bus.

4. Treat bus equipment as you would valuable furniture in your home. Damage to seats, etc., must be paid for by the offender.

5. In the case of a road emergency, remain in the bus until instructions are given by the driver.

6. The use of profane or abusive language will not be tolerated on the bus.

7. Drivers are not permitted, except by proper authorization by a school official, to stop at places other than the regular bus stop.

8. Smoking or striking matches is not permitted on the bus.

9. Do not push or crowd when loading or unloading; be courteous to fellow passengers allowing front row students to disembark first.

10. Unload only by the front door - the rear door is for emergency use only.

D. The bus driver is responsible for the bus and deportment of riders. If it becomes necessary for the bus driver to ask for your identification card, you are to surrender it without argument.

E. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in suspension of your bus riding privileges or your suspension from school.

DATED:  March 1999

REVISED:  September 23, 2002

REVIEWED:  March 13, 2006

REVIEWED:  September 14, 2009

REVISED:  September 28, 2009