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Glenbard Township High School District 87
Policy 4:250

Operational Services

Commemorative Recognition

The Board of Education believes naming school facilities is a matter of great importance, one that deserves thoughtful attention. The Board of Education recognizes, with respect and gratitude, the individuals who have made significant contributions to Glenbard Township High School District 87.

Memorials such as plaques, scholarships, plantings, furnishings, equipment, art or donations to the Glenbard Township High School District 87 are appropriate memorials for commemoration of outstanding contributions to the District. Such memorials shall be subject to Board of Education approval. An appropriate plaque may be installed at the site where the Board of Education has approved the naming of the facility.

The Board of Education recognizes that the current high school building names, Glenbard East, West, North and South, characterize a long-standing history and great traditions. Because of the importance of maintaining this identity, the Board of Education will not consider their renaming.

The Board of Education will consider naming school facilities, within campus boundaries, for persons who have made exceptional contributions to the school, the District, the community and/or the nation. Acknowledgement in this manner perpetuates the memory of their contributions and provides a sense of history for future students, staff, and residents. Such an important and lasting decision, such as naming a facility, should not be made hastily and requires an appropriate period of consideration. Therefore, the Board of Education will only consider names of individuals three years after their service, contribution or death of the individual unless determined otherwise by the Board of Education. School facilities include buildings, auditoriums, gyms, athletic fields, classroom, laboratories, corridors, wings of buildings, theaters, libraries, cafeterias, roadways/drives, warehouses, bus garages, special service areas, press boxes, administration offices, and elevators.

Names may be selected which reflect local geographic features such as street names, subdivision names, geographic directions, etc. Names might also include local individual(s) of historical note. National or international figures may also be appropriate names for school facilities.

Procedures for naming building facilities and memorials are available through the Principal’s Office. The naming of all school facilities is subject to final approval by the Board of Education.

ADOPTED:  October 10, 2000

REVIEWED: March 13, 2006

REVIEWED: September 14, 2009

REVISED:    October 26, 2009