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Glenbard Township High School District 87
Policy 5:40-R1

General Personnel

Administrative Procedure – Employee Communicable Diseases


A.  If the Superintendent or Designee has knowledge or reason to believe that an employee may
    have a communicable disease, the following steps must be taken as soon as reasonably possible:

        1. The employee contacted to discuss the basis for the belief that the employee may
             have a communicable disease.

        2. If the Superintendent or Designee continues to believe that the employee may have a
            communicable disease after consultation, or reasonable efforts to consult, with the
            employee,the Superintendent shall immediately:

                        a) Attempt to reach agreement with the employee for exclusion from work, a
                            restricted setting or other appropriate protective measures, if the communicable
                            disease in question is HIV or a communicable disease for which isolation is
                            required under IDPH Rules. If the communicable disease is not one for which
                            isolation is required, agreement shall be sought with respect to appropriate
                            measures to minimize risk of transmission of the disease to others at school; or

                        b) If agreement is not reached, or after reasonable efforts by the Superintendent or
                            Designee, consultation does not occur, the Superintendent or Designee shall:

                                1. Exclude the employee from attendance at work;

                                2. Place the employee in a restricted setting; or

                                3. Allow attendance at work in the employee’s current placement provided the
                                    health risks students and other employees are insignificant, or the risk of
                                    loss of confidentiality due to exclusion or a more restricted setting is
                                    substantial and appropriate protective health measures are instituted; and

                         c) Initiate an appropriate medical review.

                                1. The medical review shall be conducted in cooperation with the employee,
                                    the employee’s physician and the school nurse. The medical review may
                                    include a physician selected, and paid for by the school District and also
                                    include tests of blood and other appropriate bodily fluids, product tissues.
                                    The Superintendent or Designee may also request appropriate public
                                    health agencies to participate in the medical review.  The medical review
                                    shall be completed as quickly as reasonably possible.

                                2. Upon completion of the medical review, the Superintendent or Designe shall
                                    consult with the employee and determine whether the employee may return
                                    to, or remain at, work and, if so, under what conditions. The
                                    Superintendent’s or Designee’s determination shall be primarily based on
                                    the medical review. The Superintendent or Designee shall promptly
                                    communicate his/her decision in writing to the employee and develop in
                                    writing to the employee and develop and implement comprehensive written
                                    guidelines as provided below.

                        d) Comprehensive written guidelines shall be developed by the Superintendent or
                            Designee for all communicable disease cases in which an employee is permitted
                            to return to work while there is still some minimal risk of transmission of the
                            disease to others in the school setting. Among other relevant matters, the
                            guidelines shall identify the health safety precautions and restrictions to be
                            followed by the District and the employee, the persons who are to be notified
                            of the case, the method for reporting and monitoring the employee’s condition
                            and the employment benefits, if any, to be provided to the employee. The
                            guidelines shall be periodically reviewed and modified by the Superintendent or
                            Designee as appropriate. Modifications may include temporary or long-term
                            exclusion of the employee form work or placement in a more restrictive setting, if
                            reasonably warranted.

        3. If an employee with a communicable disease is permitted to return to, or remain at, work
            while there is some minimal risk of transmission to others in school, the Superintendent
            or Designee shall inform, as necessary, the school nurse and those employees with
            direct supervisory responsibilities over the employee of the identity of the employee
            and/or the nature of the communicable disease. The Superintendent or Designee may
            inform others as appropriate to the nature of the case and consistent with applicable law.

4. Employee medical records shall be kept separately from other employee records and          treated as confidential records.

B. The Superintendent’s or Designee’s decision, including any conditions established for attendance,
    may be appealed by the employee to the Board of Education. The appeal shall be processed as
    quickly as reasonably possible. Pending any appeal, the employee shall remain out of work if the
    decision of the Superintendent or Designee is not to admit the employee. If permitted to attend
    work, the employee shall be subject to all conditions established by the Superintendent or
    Designee, pending disposition of the appeal of those conditions.

Reporting of Communicable Disease Cases

A. Any employee who has been diagnosed as having a communicable disease shall immediately
    report the diagnosis to the Superintendent or Designee or to his/her Building Principal, who shall
    immediately report the matter to the Superintendent or Designee. The Superintendent or Designee
    shall determine whether to initiate the evaluation procedures provided for under these

B. Any employee who has knowledge that another employee has a communicable disease shall
    immediately report such knowledge to the Superintendent or  Designee or his/her Building
    Principal, who shall immediately report the matter to the Superintendent. The Superintendent or
    Designee shall determine whether to initiate the procedures provided for under this policy. A report
    is permitted, but not required, where the employee who has acquired knowledge of the
    communicable disease reasonably believes that a report has already been made or will
    immediately be made by the employee with the communicable disease. If an employee required to
    report under this paragraph is concerned that legal confidentiality restrictions may prevent a
    report, the employee shall discuss the confidentiality issue with the Building Principal or
    Superintendent, who will determine whether the report must be made. A list of communicable
    diseases for which reporting is required under this paragraph will be maintained in the Building
    Principal’s office.

DATED:       March, 1999

REVIEWED: November 21, 2005