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Glenbard Township High School District 87
Policy 5:280-R1

Educational Support Personnel

Administrative Procedure – Athletic Department Volunteer Coaches

The purpose of using volunteers is to supplement our current coaching staff. Upon the
recommendation of the Assistant Principal for Athletics and approval of the Building Principal, the
volunteers will be approved as per the guidelines below:

1.   Volunteer coaches will fill out an online application, and be interviewed by the Assistant Principal for Athletics and head coach of the sport that they want to assist.

2.   Applicants must complete all appropriate District forms, provide evidence that they are free from tuberculosis, and submit to a fingerprint based criminal history records check at a police department designated by the District.

3.   Applicants must meet all IHSA and the District’s employee requirements.

4.   Volunteer coaches must be approved by the Building Principal, Assistant Principal for Athletics and head coach of the sport with which they will be working.

5.   Head coaches will be responsible for in-servicing volunteer coaches.

6.   Volunteer coaches will be expected to support the philosophical principals of the school and the athletic department.

7.   Volunteer coaches will not be allowed to serve as a head or assistant coach at any level. Head coaches will determine appropriate responsibilities and assume direct responsibility for the supervision of volunteer coaches.

8.   Should circumstances warrant, volunteer coaches may be dismissed at any time.

9.   All volunteer coaches must have a valid Illinois teacher or substitute teacher license or take and pass the approved American Sport Education Program (ASEP).

10. Anyone performing athletic training services shall be licensed under the Illinois Athletic Trainers Practice Act, be an athletic trainer aide performing care activities under the on-site supervision of a licensed athletic trainer, or otherwise be qualified to perform athletic trainer activities under State law.

DATED:        March 1999

REVIEWED:  April 17, 2006

REVISED:     May 8, 2006

REVIEWED:  May 7, 2012

REVISED:     June 25, 2012

REVIEWED:  June 10, 2013