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Glenbard Township High School District 87
Policy 6:190-R2


Administrative Procedure – Modifying the Co-curricular Activities Program

A.  Levels within existing programs, which do not require additional staff, may be added during the season by agreement between the activity sponsor and Assistant Principal for Student Services. The addition is considered in effect only during that season, not a permanent addition.

B.  Procedures for considering the addition of levels or a new program that would require hiring an additional coach or sponsor to an existing activity:

1.  The Assistant Principal for Student Services will initiate the process. The Assistant Principal for Student Services will complete form 6:190-E2, attach his/her recommendation and forward the form to the principal.

2.  The principal will review the request and attach his/her recommendation to the form. The form will be submitted to the Superintendent in a timely manner. A specific rational must be submitted where the addition in the number of coaches and/or levels is recommended.

3.  The Superintendent shall review the request with the assistance of the District Administrative Council, and forward the request, along with his/her recommendation, in a timely manner, considering the proposed date of the first practice of the new level.

REVIEWED: July 23, 2012

ADOPTED:  August 13, 2012