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Glenbard Township High School District 87
Policy 7:100


Health and Eye Examinations: Immunizations: and Exclusion of Students

Required Health Examinations and Immunizations

A student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) shall present proof that the student received a health examination, with proof of the immunizations against, and screenings for, preventable communicable diseases, as required by the Illinois Department of Public Health, within one year prior to:

1.  Entering the ninth grade; and

2.  Enrolling in an Illinois school, regardless of the student's grade (including nursery school, special education, Head Start programs operated by elementary or secondary schools, and students transferring into Illinois from out-of-state or out-of-country).

Proof of immunization against meningococcal disease is required from students in grade 12 beginning with the 2015-2016 school year.

As required by State law:

1.   Health examinations must be performed by a physician licensed to practice medicine in all of its branches, an advanced practice nurse who has a written collaborative agreement with a collaborating physician authorizing the advanced practice nurse to perform health examinations, or a physician assistant who has been delegated the performance of health examinations by a supervising physician.

2.   A diabetes screening must be included as a required part of each health examination; diabetes testing is not required.

Unless an exemption or extension applies, the failure to comply with the above requirements upon registration will result in the student's exclusion from school until the required health forms are presented to the District. New students who register mid-term shall have 30 days following registration to comply with the health examination and immunization regulations. If for medical reasons, one or more of the required immunizations must be given after the first day of school, then the student must present, by the first day of school, an immunization schedule and a statement of the medical reasons causing the delay. The schedule and statement of medical reasons must be signed by the physician, advanced practice nurse, physician assistant, or local health department responsible for administering the immunizations. A minimum of sixty (60) days notice must be given to the public that proof of health examination no immunization is required prior to registration.

A student transferring from out-of-state who does not have the required proof of immunization may attend classes only if he or she has proof that an appointment for the required vaccination is scheduled with a party authorized to submit proof of the required vaccinations. If the required proof of vaccination is not submitted within 30 days after the student is permitted to attend classes,the student may no longer attend classes until proof of the vaccination is properly submitted.

Eye Examination

Parents/guardians are encouraged to have their children undergo an eye examination whenever health examinations are required.

Parents/guardians of students entering an Illinois school for the first time shall present proof before October 15 of the current school year that the student received an eye examination within one year prior to entry of the school. A physician licensed to practice medicine in all of its branches or a licensed optometrist must perform the required eye examination.

If a student fails to present proof by October 15, the school may hold the student’s report card until the student presents proof: (1) of a completed eye examination, or (2) that an eye examination will take place within 60 days after October 15. The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that parents/guardians are notified of this eye examination requirement in compliance with the rules of the Department of Public Health. Schools shall not exclude a student from attending school due to failure to obtain an eye examination.


In accordance with rules adopted by the Illinois Department of Public Health, a student will be exempted from this policy’s requirements for:

1.  Religious or medical grounds if the student's parent(s)/guardian(s) present the IDPH's Certificate of Religious Exemption form to the Superintendent or designee. When a Certificate of Religious Exemption form is presented, the Superintendent or designee shall immediately inform the parent's guardians of exclusion procedures pursuant to Board policy 7:280, Communicable and Chronic Infectious Disease and State rules if there is an outbreak of one or more diseases from which the student is not protected.

2.  Health examination or immunization requirements on medical grounds if a physician provides written verification.

3.  Eye examination requirement if the student’s parents/guardians show an undue burden or lack of access to a physician licensed to practice medicine in all of its branches who provides eye examinations or a licensed optometrist.

Homeless Child

Any homeless child shall be immediately admitted, even if the child or child’s parent/guardian is unable to produce immunization and health records normally required for enrollment. School Board policy 6:140, Education of Homeless Children, governs the enrollment of homeless children.

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CROSS REF.:     6:30 (Organization of Instruction), 6:140 (Education of Homeless Children), 6:180 (Extended Instructional Programs, 7:50 (School Admissions and Student Transfers To and From Non-District Schools)

ADOPTED:     December 8, 1997
REVIEWED:    November 21, 2005
REVIEWED:    May 15, 2006
REVIEWED:    February 8, 2010
REVISED:       March 22, 2010
REVIEWED:    July 11, 2011
REVISED:       September 12, 2011
REVIEWED:    May 7, 2012
REVISED:       June 25, 2012
REVIEWED:    April 13, 2015
REVISED:       May 26, 2015
REVIEWED:    November 14, 2016
REVISED:       January 9, 2017