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Glenbard Township High School District 87
Policy 7:140-R3


Administrative Procedure – Use of Canine Search Units for Building, Grounds, Lockers, and/or Automobiles

Each building’s administrative team may authorize the use of a canine search unit on randomly chosen days during a specified period of the day, using school personnel and/or law enforcement officials. Such searches shall be conducted in the following manner:

1. The building principal will initiate his/her request to the superintendent to use the police canine unit for building, grounds, lockers, and/or automobile searches. The principal will arrange with the police department the date, time, and location that the search is to be conducted.

2. If the canine search occurs during school hours, the principal or designee will inform students, faculty, and staff via the PA system that the police with a canine unit are conducting a building, grounds, locker, and/or automobile search. Students and staff will be instructed to use lock-down procedures. Students will remain in their classes for the duration of the search with no passes being issued.

3. The principal will designate a random section of buildings, grounds, lockers, and/or automobiles to be searched.

4. During the search, the canines will be on a leash and controlled by their handler at all times.

5. When the dogs are in the building with a handler, the canines and handlers are to be accompanied by a building administrator at all times. Dogs will not have any direct contact with students or faculty.

6. At the conclusion of the search, the principal or designee will communicate to students, faculty, and staff via the PA system that the search has been completed, the canines have left the grounds and the lock-down is over.

7. School personnel will investigate any identified building, grounds, lockers, and/or automobiles. Students or staff associated and/or assigned to an identified building, ground, locker, and/or automobile in question will be called to the Deans’ Office and/or the Principal’s Office, as appropriate, for further investigation.

DATED:         March 24, 2003

REVIEWED: May 15, 2006

REVISED:    September 25, 2006