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Glenbard Township High School District 87
Policy 7:300-R1


Administrative Procedure – Interscholastic Athletics


The Building Principal shall insure that participation in interscholastic athletics shall be limited to and provided exclusively for students who are currently enrolled in and attending the particular facility.

Program Control

A. The Assistant Principal for Athletics shall insure that all students and coaches comply with the current Constitution and By-laws of the Illinois High School Association, and their respective member conferences.

B. Volunteers , with the approval of the Building Principal, The Assistant Principal for Athletics and Head Coach, may assist the District coach.

C. The Building Principal may recommend to the Superintendent not to participate in a particular level of sport if the number of students participating is not sufficient or a coach could not be employed.

Coaches Handbook

A District Coaches Handbook shall be developed by a committee consisting of, but not limited to, representation from coaches, Assistant Principal for Athletics, and Assistant Principals for Student Services for the purpose of consistent application of rules and the promotion of a quality program.

School-Owned Equipment

Students shall be responsible for all school-owned equipment issued to them and comply with Policy on Student Responsibility for School-Owned Equipment.

Student Behavior

Student participants in interscholastic athletics are expected to comply with rules as outlined in the Coaches Handbook, Policy on Student Behavior and Glenbard District Athletic Code. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action to the students.


Complaints about the athletic activity or appeals to disciplinary action shall first be discussed with the appropriate coach. If a resolution is not reached the next step of appeal is the Assistant Principal for Athletics. Further appeals should be directed to the Building Principal. The Assistant Principal for Athletics and Building Principal may involve any individual they deem appropriate in reviewing the appeal.

Athletic Code

Students participating in interscholastic athletics shall be informed of and abide by the attached Athletic Code. Parents of such students shall also be informed of the code. Students violating the code will be disciplined as specified in the Athletic Code.

Additional rules shall be established to include but shall not be limited to, the following areas:

1. attendance at practice and contests;

2. student behavior;

3. absence form school; and

4. consequence of training rule violations.

The Athletic Code shall be approved by the Assistant Principal for Athletics and Building Principals and shall be included in the coaches handbook. The Athletic Code shall be communicated to he student and the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s).


Coaches may be required, from time to time, to attend applicable inservice workshops or seminars. All coaches will be encouraged to complete fundamental first-aid training.

DATED: March 1999

REVIEWED: May 7, 2012

REVISED: June 25, 2012