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Glenbard Township High School District 87
Policy 8:25

Community Relations

Advertising and Distributing Materials in Schools Provided by Non-School Related Entities

No material, literature, or advertisement (referred to collectively as "material") shall be posted or distributed without advance approval as described in this policy.

General Standards

No material shall be posted or distributed that would: (1) disrupt the educational process; (2) violate the rights or invade the privacy of others; (3) infringe on a trademark or copyright; or (4) be defamatory, obscene, vulgar, or indecent. All material must be student- or parent-oriented, meaning that it is pertinent to students' or parents' interest or involvement.  All material must be appropriate for display in a school context, taking into consideration the age and maturity level of the students, and must clearly identify the source of the information.

Material from candidates and political parties will not be accepted for posting or distribution, except when used as part of the curriculum.

Material promoting materials that cannot legally be obtained by students (including, but not limited to, cigarettes and alcohol) or including sexually oriented material will not be allowed.  Materials of this nature that are used for educational purposes (i.e. anti-drinking literature/posters at prom time) or as part of the curriculum may be distributed upon approval of the building principal or designee.

Material of a religious nature must include a disclaimer that opinions expressed are not endorsed by the District.

No individual or entity may advertise or promote its interest by using the names or pictures of the School District, any District school or facility, staff members, or students except as authorized by and consistent with administrative procedures an approved by the Board.

Community, Educational, Charitable, or Recreational Organizations - Posters and Flyers

Community, educational, charitable, recreational, or similar groups may, under procedures established by the Superintendent, submit copies of materials to be posted in designated areas and/or to be sent home with students (e.g., through a flyer distribution program). All such materials must meet the general standards set forth in this policy.  The District reserves the right to decide where and when any such materials are distributed, displayed, or posted.


Organizations with the purpose of furthering a school activity may, under procedures established by the Superintendent, purchase space for advertisements in or on: (1) athletic, theater, or music programs; (2) student newspapers or yearbooks; (3) scoreboards; and/or (4) other appropriate locations.  All such advertisements must meet the "General Standards" set forth above.

In addition, organizations, including those organizations listed in the prior paragraph and any other commercial organizations, may advertise through the District's video streaming site if they meet the "General Standards" set forth above.

The District reserves the right to decide where and when any advertisement is distributed, displayed, or posted and may require the advertiser to enter into an agreement with the School District.

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CROSS REF.: 7:325 (Student Fund-Raising Activities), 7:330 (Student Use of Facilities - Equal Access)

ADOPTED:     December 8, 1997

REVISED:       September 22, 2003

REVIEWED:    March 13, 2006

REVIEWED:    September 9, 2013

REVISED:        October 21, 2013