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Registration Payment  User Guide

All parents/guardians who wish to use this system will need to begin by setting up an account (profile) on the system.

Start by selecting the "New User" button from the login screen.

Returning users can enter their email address and password to directly access the system.

If you have forgotten your password select the "Forgot Password" button and follow the on screen instructions.


When you are creating your account (user profile) you will need to have some specific information about your student(s).

You will need to have each student's student ID number and date of birth to add the student to your account.

You can add up to 10 students for whom you are responsible on this screen.  If you have multiple student(s) but do not currently have all of their information you can add additional students to your profile later if needed.

During the account setup process you will also need to setup a security question that can be used later should you forget your password for this system.

If you forget your password you can change your password later by answering the challenge question with the exact answer you provided when setting up your profile.

Once you have created your account the system will return you to the log on screen.   Click on "Sign In" and then select the student for whom you wish to pay and then select continue.

If needed you may also add additional students using this screen.

After clicking "Continue" you will be able to view an itemized listing of all current obligations for the selected student.

You may also purchase additional optional items such as an Activity Pass on this screen.

To remove optional items select the item's check box in the "Delete" column and then click the "Update Changes" button.

When you are ready to proceed to the payment screen click on the "Continue" button.

Review the final total and if prepared click on "Pay Now" to make your payment.

This screen will also display additional payment options and links for waivers and other financial aid options.

On the Bill Payment screen enter your complete contact information as requested.  All fields with the ** are required for payment processing.

You will then need to select your payment method of either a credit card or e-Check payment.

We accept payment using Visa, Master Card, and Discover as well as direct bank account payments.

Once you have filled out the form select "Next" to finalize your payment.

Additional on screen instructions will advise you not to click on the back button once the transaction begins to process.

You will receive an e-mail receipt of your payment once the transaction has been completed.

If you have any problems using this system please e-mail

Under normal circumstances you can expect to be contacted within one business day from the time your request for help is sent.  Normal hours are M-F 8AM-4PM.

All e-mail requests for support must include the following information:

Your full name
Your student's name and ID number,  
Your phone number(s) where you can be contacted
Times when you can be contacted
A description of the problem(s) you are experiencing
The e-mail account used to create the account and password for the account.

Additional information that would also be helpful to us:
The web browser you are using and version.
Reminder only Internet Explorer 7+ or Safari 3+ are supported.

The operating system you are connecting from and OS version.
The exact wording of any on screen error message(s).