Glenbard North Registration Packet 2020-2021

Enrollment Timeline
June 17 – Residency verification due
July 6 – 30 – Online registration open
July 30 – Registration and payment due date


FEES & REGISTRATION: Glenbard utilizes an on-line registration process for families. Please refer to the enclosed “On-Line Registration” flyer contained in this packet for instructions. Both parent/guardian and student will be required to approve on-line policies and terms/conditions. Glenbard’s Student Fee Schedule is located under the “Parents” section of the website.

Required Fees:

  • $235 – Registration & Fees (Prompt pay fee of $200 if paid in full by July 30) – fee includes registration, all course fees, student activity pass, and digital
  • $189 – iPad Rental Fee (seniors)1
  • $149 – iPad Rental Fee (freshmen – juniors) as a result of reduced cost from our vendor1
  • $ 85 – Digital Curriculum Fee

1Fee includes device, charger, case, insurance coverage, and loaner program. After the family has made four annual rental payments over the student’s career at Glenbard and the student’s account is paid in full the device will become the property of the student. In other words, this is a rent-to-own program.

Deadline: Families must complete on-line registration and payment by July 30. Registration and payments received after this date will pay the $235 Registration & Fee charge versus the prompt pay fee of $200.

PE Uniform & Lock: PE uniform and & lock will be provided to all incoming freshmen once “in-person” instruction resumes at school. The PE uniform & lock will be directly billed ($26) to you for on-line payment. If needed, returning students will be able to purchase PE uniforms and locks once school is in session.

Simplified Advanced Placement (AP) Fee Process & One Free Test: Glenbard is excited to announce that we have simplified the AP exam fee sign up and payment process for the 2020-21 school year. These changes eliminate the need for families to create a login and pay test fees through a third party and provides every student the opportunity to take their first AP exam at no cost! New for the 2020-21 school year, we will charge the AP exam fee through the registration process in the summer, along with the other student fees. The AP exam is $94 each; AP Seminar & AP Research exams are $142 each. Our School Board has made the investment to defray the cost of the first AP exam for every student, so families will only be responsible for paying the AP exam fee for their student’s additional exams each year. Families will have the opportunity to “opt out” of the exam and fee by October 15, 2020 or February 15, 2021 for 2nd semester only AP courses. After the dates, families will be responsible for a $40 unused/canceled exam fee. More information regarding the AP courses and exams can be located in the “Parents” section of our website under “AP Testing”.

Optional Fees: The athletic participation fee is $150 per student, per year. The fee allows your student to participate in unlimited sports. Note: At this point in time, we hope to offer fall sports (subject to State & IHSA guidelines). In the event that fall sports are not held, Glenbard will credit your account for the athletic fee, if your student only signed up for a fall sport this year. Yearbooks are available for purchase through the on-line registration & payment process. Students that sign up for the Behind the Wheel portion of Drivers Education will be charged $350. Parking passes are limited and the annual fee is $200.

Payment of Fees: It is the policy of the Glenbard Board of Education that prior to the first official day of class families should pay fees in full. Payments are due by July 30 for families to realize the prompt-pay discount of $35. The on-line registration process will guide you through the registration and payment process. Families that cannot pay in full due to financial circumstances should refer to the Financial Assistance Programs referenced below.

Payment Plan: Glenbard offers a 4-pay, payment plan that allows you to pay your fees over the course of the school year. A $7 convenience fee will apply. IMPORTANT: If you want the optional Athletic Participation Fee to be included in your payment plan, you must select this fee when you register online.


National School Breakfast and Lunch Program – (Free or Reduced Meals): Families that are eligible for the National School Breakfast and Lunch Program (Free or Reduced Meals) must apply each year for approval. You can apply for the program via our on-line application form contained within the Parents section of the website, under Financial Aid – Lunch and Breakfast Program. We have provided instructions and a link to our PowerSchool system in this section of the website. If you believe you are eligible, please complete the on-line application form for submission. If you have questions regarding this program, please contact the Assistant Principal for Student Services Office.

Waiver of School Fees: Families can apply for waiver of school fees through our new on-line application form or through the Office of the Assistant Principal for Student Services. The on-line application form and related information is located within the “Parents” section of the website, under “Financial Aid” then “School Fees”. If you apply for a waiver of school fees you must also sign up for Glenbard’s 8-payment plan. Please refer to the enclosed “On-Line Registration” flyer contained in this packet for instructions. After you select “Student Fees”, choose the 8-payment option and complete the information. If your waiver is declined, the 8-payment plan will be activated and your fees will be paid over the course of the school year in 8 equal installments. IMPORTANT: If you want the optional Athletic Participation Fee to be included in your payment plan, you must select this fee when you register online. If you have questions concerning waiver of school fees, call the Office of the Assistant Principal of Student Services at 630-681-3190.


iPad, Charger & Case:

All incoming freshmen and transfer students will receive an iPad to manage coursework. Glenbard will ship your iPad and training information to your residence after you have registered, paid your fees and/or signed up for a payment plan. We strongly encourage families to register as early as possible so that your student has more time to train on their device prior to the first day of school.

Returning students that had an iPad for the 2019-20 school year are responsible for maintaining their device in good working order and will use their device for the upcoming 2020-21 school year. Returning students should run all software updates prior to the first day of school.

If you experience technical issues with your iPad contact the technical support help desk at 630-942-7777.

Digital Curriculum/Applications: Glenbard provides students with digital curriculum (digital textbooks, digital novels, digital workbooks) and applications (Schoology, our learning management system, etc.) that the student will use for their coursework.

Note: Certain courses may still require non-digital materials (hardbound textbooks; paperback novels or workbooks). If your student needs these non-digital materials, we will provide at no additional charge.  Textbooks must be returned by the student in good condition at semester end (semester classes) or by year-end for (full-term classes), or fines could apply. Glenbard will coordinate delivery of these materials to your student.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we will not be holding an in-person Back-to-School Week for our students. Glenbard will ship instructional devices and/or materials required for learning directly to your residence.


ATHLETICS: Athletic registration information is included in this mailing. Athletic participation fees are $150 per year, per student. Payment of the fee allows your student to participate in unlimited sports for the year. Note: At this point in time, we hope to offer fall sports (subject to State & IHSA guidelines); in the event that fall sports are not held, Glenbard will credit your account for the athletic fee, if your student only signed up for a fall sport this year. Note: You must register your student for school prior to registering your student for a sport.

BELL SCHEDULES: Your student’s bell schedule is located in the digital student handbook or on-line at under the “Students” tab.


Providers: Glenbard contracts with First Student for regular education transportation services. Hopewell Inc. provides transportation services for our special education transportation needs.

Routes: Glenbard uses transportation routing software to lower transportation costs and increase efficiency. Bus routes may be different from one school year to the next as routes are re-evaluated. Route information for your student will be available on the Glenbard North website.

Student ID – Ridership Requirements: Students are required to present upon request their student ID to any bus driver or Glenbard staff member. Students not able to produce their ID will be required to receive a temporary pass to ride the PM bus.  Students not able to produce their ID will be referred to the Deans’ Office for appropriate consequences.  Students  will be responsible for riding their designated buses. Bus drivers and school administrators will deny requests for students to ride other routes than previously assigned unless pre-approved by the Deans’ office.

FOOD SERVICE: District 87 is pleased to partner with Sodexo, Inc. for our cafeteria service.  Important information regarding  Sodexo, menu offerings, on-line prepayment instructions for student breakfast and lunch is available in the Parents section of the website under “Food Service”. We encourage you to visit to sign up for the prepayment option. The system is easy to use and provides parents with management options such as auto-refill, balance review, low-balance warning email, and visibility to items purchased by your student. Students can purchase breakfast and lunch using debit or credit cards.

INSURANCE: District 87 provides “school-time” accident insurance protection for your student as part of its current insurance program. “School time” includes the school day while your student is attending academic school sessions and up to one hour before and one hour after regular classes. Your student is protected during school-sponsored activities as well, which further includes  travel directly or indirectly and uninterruptedly to and from such school activity. Note: This coverage does not include interscholastic tackle football. Benefits are secondary to all other collectible insurance policies. Accidents or injuries must be reported to the appropriate teacher, coach, trainer, or nurse as soon as possible. Accidents that are not reported within 30 days of the accident will not be covered by the insurance carrier. Medical insurance is the responsibility of parents. This insurance program is for “school-time” accidents only. Optional coverage can be purchased for two programs: 24-Hour Optional Student Accident Coverage and Grade 9-12 Interscholastic Tackle Football. Insurance brochures can be received by calling the school.


Freshmen & Transfer Students Only: All freshmen and transfer students should provide a completed physical with required immunizations to the school nurse by July 15. The physical exam must have been completed within one year of entrance into 9th grade. Students cannot attend “in-person” school unless the school nurse has received the required Health Exam and Immunizations. If you have questions, please call (630)653-7000.

SENIORS ONLY: All seniors will need to provide proof of receiving the Meningitis Vaccine to the School Nurse by July 15. Students cannot attend “in-person” school unless the School Nurse has received this information.

PANTHER NEWS: Panther News will be sent electronically to the email address you provide in PowerSchool. This provides information on current events, achievements, and other topics relevant to the Glenbard North Community.

PICTURES: We will schedule yearbook photos for students once “in-person” instruction commences. Students should dress neatly and in good taste.

RESIDENCY VERIFICATION: All families must verify residency each year prior to registering for school. Residency verification was due June 17. Glenbard verified over 80% of our student’s residency electronically. If we could not electronically verify your residency, you should have received a letter in the mail from us in May, requiring you to verify residency in person or by mail by the due date referenced above. Residency procedures are located in the Parents section of our website, under the Residency Verification section. Verification of residency protects all of our families and ensures that only students that live in our school district boundaries attend Glenbard schools. It is illegal to attend school in a district where you are not a resident. Contact the Assistant Principal for Student Services (APSS) at school for more information.

STUDENT ID: Students will be required to carry, and present upon request, their student ID to any Glenbard staff member once “in-person” instruction begins. Student IDs are required for entry to the building, to get on the bus, lunch purchase, library and lab check in, etc. Glenbard will provide students their School ID prior to the return of students to campus for “in-person” learning.

STUDENT SCHEDULES: Final schedules will be available on-line by August 1 via Schoology. Counselors will be available on a limited basis for questions beginning August 3.  Counselors will make necessary changes based on summer school course completion.  Please note: Requests for schedule changes cannot be accommodated. If you believe there is an error or have another concern, please contact your school counselor directly. 

TECHNOLOGY CENTER OF DUPAGE (TCD): The first day of class for TCD is scheduled for Friday, August 14. TCD students will be required to be in attendance at Glenbard North for the full days on August 12-13, unless excused by parent or guardian.

YEARBOOK: Your Glenbard North Yearbook can be purchased as part of the on-line registration and payment process. Please purchase the yearbook at this time to reserve your book! After school is in session you will also be able to reserve your yearbook through the online store available anytime at, or you may find a link to that site from


Partnership for Educational Progress (PEP) is an educational foundation that provides financial resources to enhance student achievement and enrich learning opportunities for Glenbard District 87 and its feeder school districts to support:

  • Educational enrichment: donations used to support curriculum enhancing projects and innovative teaching initiatives that enhance student
  • Student support: donations used to provide fee-assistance scholarships to cover the cost of school fees, activities and instructional materials for students from families facing financial

Tax deductible donations may be made at or send a check made payable to PEP Glenbard Fund and mail to PEP, 596 Crescent Boulevard, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137.