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Glenbard Township High School District 87
Policy 8:30-E2

Community Relations

Exhibit – Child Sex Offender’s Request for Permission to Visit School Property

If you are child sex offender, you must complete this form in order to lawfully visit school property
whenever students are present. After a decision is made whether to grant or deny permission to visit,
a copy will be returned to you. This information will be kept in the Administration offices as well as
in the Building Principal’s office where you are seeking permission to visit.

____________________________________      _______________________________________
Name (Please print)                                             Address

_____________________________________        _____________________________________________
Signature                                                        Today’s Date

_____________________________________        _____________________________________________
School (Visit Location)                                         Date of Visit

Complete the following if you are a parent/guardian of a student attending this school.

        I request permission to visit the school for the following reason(s):

        282008_22145_0.pngTo attend a conference with school personnel to discuss the academic or social progress of
                my child.

        282008_22145_0.pngTo participate in my child’s review conference in which evaluation and placement decisions
                may be made with respect to my child regarding special education services.

        282008_22145_0.pngTo attend a conference to discuss other student issues concerning my child such as retention
                and promotion.

        282008_22145_0.pngOther (Please be specific):___________________________________________________________


Complete the following if you are not a parent/guardian of a student who attends the school you are
requesting to visit.

        282008_22145_0.pngI request permission to visit the school for the following reason(s) (Please be specific):____________



The following is to be completed by District personnel only:

        282008_22145_0.pngPermission Granted              282008_22145_0.pngPermission Denied
____________             ______________________________________________________________________
Date                            Signature (Superintendent, Designee, or Board President)

Visit Supervision (To be completed by the person supervising the child sex offender)

Supervisor’s Name (Please print)_______________________________________________________________

Visitor’s Time In__________________________________         Visitor’s Time Out________________________

___________________                 _____________________________________________________________
Date                                            Supervisor’s Signature

DATED:        April 11, 2005

REVISED:     December 12, 2005

REVIEWED: March 13, 2006