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A message from Superintendent David Larson
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Superintendent David Larson, Ed.D.

Welcome to Glenbard District 87, where our talented and dedicated faculty and staff work tirelessly to prepare all of our students for a successful future. With an emphasis on college and career readiness, we are focused on challenging students to stretch themselves and achieve new levels of success. Here are just a few examples:

AP/IB Equity and Excellence Project

In 2015, we were chosen as one of seven inaugural districts in Illinois to partner with the nonprofit organization Equal Opportunity School, with a mission to close the enrollment gap in Advanced Placement courses for low-income and minority students.

Since then, we have served as leaders in building this network to more than 50 schools across Illinois. This fall semester, we enrolled 1,008 traditionally underrepresented juniors and seniors in AP courses in our four high schools. Over the last four years, since partnering with Equal Opportunity Schools, we have seen the following AP enrollment increases:

  • 89% for low-income White & Asian students,
  • 124% for low-income Hispanic/Latino students, and
  • 196% for low-income African-American students.

These increases were made in a district already honored for equity and excellence, where 43.5% of graduates pass at least one AP exam, a percentage twice the state average. In 2016, we were selected to serve on the National Superintendents Collaborative for the Lead Higher Initiative of Equal Opportunity Schools, The College Board, International Baccalaureate, and The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation.

Profile of Our Work with Equal Opportunity Schools

Featured in School Administrator, Nov. 2017 on Race in Education “Raising Rigor in Glenbard Township” 

Leveraging Technology
Each of our students is assigned an iPad as an important part of their learning. Through increased use of technology, our students are building skills in the areas of communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. Students need to quickly find, synthesize and communicate information and work with colleagues within a global community. Our students are engaged in projects and lessons that are not possible without technology.

iPad information for families

Increased Enrollment in Algebra 2 and Physics

Among our Board of Education goals is dramatically increasing the number of juniors enrolled in Physics or higher science course and Algebra 2 with Trigonometry or higher math course. These courses better prepare our students for success in college and develops the critical thinking skills needed in a variety of careers.

AP Capstone

In 2014, Glenbard East and Glenbard West were among the first three schools in Illinois to offer the College Board AP Capstone™ courses and AP Capstone diploma. In 2015, Glenbard North was selected to implement the program. AP Capstone™ is an innovative program that allows students to engage in the rigorous development of skills critical for success in college inquiry, research, collaboration and writing. It’s designed to prepare more students for the rigors of college and success in careers. The program requires students to demonstrate a passion for focused inquiry on topics of interest and an ability to communicate findings in a compelling way.

I am proud to be part of an organization that is unwavering in its resolve for student success. Best wishes for a great year.