A message from Superintendent David Larson
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Superintendent David Larson, Ed.D.

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Welcome to Glenbard District 87, where our talented and dedicated faculty and staff work tirelessly to prepare each of our students for a successful future.

This is a time of considerable change in our world and an opportunity for growth. Like you, we have adjusted how we go about everyday business. I am proud of how our faculty, staff, students and families adapted during the move to e-learning in the spring and improved our remote learning model for the start of the 2020-21 school year. Students and adults alike have shown they have the skills needed to persevere in the face of a significant challenge.

Our faculty and staff continue to demonstrate the qualities of our Profile of an Educator.

Our administrators showed their flexibility and innovation as we prepared for the beginning of a new school year. Faculty and staff have been adapting and learning as we adjust to and comply with changing state guidelines. They were collaborative and innovative in providing e-learning experiences to our students in the spring with little notice. They’re embracing diversity and exhibiting empathy and advocating as we meet the varying needs of our students and families. With an emphasis on college and career readiness, we are focused on challenging students to stretch themselves and achieve new levels of success.

Recent local and national events and discussions have opened our eyes to systemic racism and the urgent need for reform in our own community and throughout society. In Glenbard, we believe everyone deserves to be safe, respected and valued. As part of our multi-year equity journey, we are learning and growing to be more racially conscious and committed to equity and inclusion. I am proud of our staff’s dedication to their personal equity journey through curriculum revisions, professional development and amplifying student voice inside and outside of our classrooms.

An emphasis on embracing diversity is also a critical component of our Profile of a Graduate. I am eager to learn from our students who will participate in upcoming online discussions about race, and I am committed to being more intentional about being an antiracist.

Much is changing in our society, and some of it is long overdue. I remain hopeful that through significant change will come a better future for our students, families and community. I am committed to being part of the positive change.

I am proud to be part of an organization that is unwavering in its resolve for student success. Best wishes for a great year.