Residency Verification

We are pleased to offer a customer friendly electronic residency verification process – an important step in the registration process. Each year, we verify the residency of all students prior to registration. Electronic residency verification allows us to provide better customer service to our families and reduce costs.

We have contracted with a third party firm that provides us with current address information that allows us to verify families’ address information electronically. We anticipate that more than 85% of our students’ addresses will be electronically verified.

Families whose residency is verified electronically do not need to submit paperwork to certify that they live within Glenbard District 87’s boundaries.

If we are unable to electronically verify a family’s residency, we will notify the family in writing and request residency verification documentation. The information is needed before the family can register their student for the upcoming school year.

In order to prove residency, you must provide to the school copies of ONE document from Category A (below) and TWO documents from Category B (below).  

Parents/Guardians may deliver copies of the documents to the main office, or send by mail to their school. Please do not send original documents by mail because we are not equipped to mail back originals.

The registration process begins in early July. Only families who have verified residency will be able to register in PowerSchool — if your residency is unverified, your account will be locked until the supporting documents are provided.

Illinois law has made it a crime to provide false information in order to enroll a student in a school district when it is known that the student is not a resident of the district. We require all students to verify residency (the address at which they reside) before they may register.

  Address Main Phone Fax
Glenbard East 1014 South Main Street, Lombard, IL 60148 (630) 627-9250 (630) 627-9264
Glenbard West 670 Crescent Boulevard, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 (630) 469-8600 (630) 469-8615
Glenbard North 990 Kuhn Road, Carol Stream, IL 60188 (630) 653-7000 (630) 653-7259
Glenbard South 23W200 Butterfield Road, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 (630) 469-6500 (630) 469-6572

If you prefer to print and deliver the document:  
Click here for the residency verification form – ENGLISH (PDF)
Click here for the residency verification form – SPANISH (PDF)

Category A (ONE document) Category B (TWO documents)
Most recent real estate tax bill for your residence showing enrollee’s parent or guardian as taxpayer

Signed lease for residence, including lessor’s telephone number and proof of last month’s payment

Closing statement for the purchase of in-district residence

Notarized letter from the owner of your residence stating that you reside at the residence, and the duration of your residence; the owner must provide proof of residency (such as the property tax bill in the owner’s name)

Driver’s license

Gas or electric bill

Public Aid Card

Voter Registration Card

Home/Apartment insurance certificate

State of Illinois automobile registration

Credit card bill


If you would like to verify that your home is within Glenbard’s attendance area, you may review your address at this link.