Battery Life Tips
Maximize The Battery Life on Your iPad
Students are expected to bring their iPad with them to school every day. ~The devices must be fully charged, in their provided case and ready to be used when they arrive to school.  Detailed in school board policies 9:010-E2 & 9:010-E3.
Reduce the Screen Brightness
If you keep the screen at maximum brightness all the time, you’re wasting a lot of battery life. Adjust your brightness by going into:  Settings -> Brightness & Wallpaper to adjust the default level of brightness.  You can probably keep this as low as 30% in most classrooms/situations.
Make Sure the Screen Locks Quickly
After you’ve adjusted the screen brightness, set the screen to turn off quickly when not in use to save more energy.   Settings -> General -> Auto-Lock -> “2 Minutes” (Recommended)
Disable Bluetooth
If you donít own or plan to use a Bluetooth headset or keyboard, you should keep the Bluetooth radio disabled to save battery life.  Settings -> General -> Bluetooth to flip it OFF.
Turn Off Apps You Are No Currently Using
1) Double tap the home button.
2) You will see an icon of each app that is open with a current snapshot of the app.
3) To close the app, touch the card (not the icon) and swipe up towards the top of the screen.
Reduce or Eliminate Mail & Calendar Checking
If you configure additional email accounts or calendars, they by default will be checked on a regular basis.  This can also drain your battery.  Adjust this by going into Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Fetch New Data and change the setting to “Manually“.
Always Update to the Latest iOS Software
Apple engineers find new ways to optimize battery performance with some iOS updates. Go to Settings > General > Software Update to check for the latest software.
Reduce or Eliminate System Sounds
This will likely be requested by your instructors as well. You can save a small amount of battery life by removing the sounds.  Go to Settings -> General -> Sounds to adjust.
Keep Your iPad Out of the Sun
Do not leave your iPad sitting in a hot car, heat kills batteries faster than any other factor, and your device that used to keep a charge for hours will eventually barely hold a charge.  The same thing holds true for any really hot environment: try and store your device in a cool place.
Charge and Discharge Your Battery Regularly
Your iPad needs to be fully discharged and recharged at least once a month to operate at maximum efficiency and keep the battery from dying. You’ll also want to make sure that you don’t store the device with a dead battery, as that can also cause the battery to lose charge capability, when your battery dies, make sure to recharge it quickly.
We do not recommend disabling WiFi, Data Push or Location Services as a technique to save battery life.  Disabling any of these services may cause your device not to function as needed within certain classes and app.  For more information visit