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Upcoming Events

Next Steps: The Transition Series

What:  Training for parents and family members of students with disabilities

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Register for sessions on Next Steps Illinois page. For more information, contact Erin Hoving at [email protected] or 630-942-6783.

Registration is required
All workshops are designed to be individual trainings. You may register for one or for all four workshops in the series.  Register on Next Steps Illinois site. 

Questions? Contact Erin Hoving or 630.942.6783 or Sara Tatham or 630.548.7174

Coffee-Time Conversation events

This group is informal and we welcome anyone who is interested in meeting other parents/caregivers of young adults with disabilities. For further information, please email Erin Hoving or call 630.942.6783.

We hope you can attend, and we look forward to seeing you.

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Day Program Tours

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RSVP one week prior to the event to Erin Hoving at [email protected] or 630.942.6783.