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COVID-19 Updates

Return to School and COVID-19 updates

If you have questions about COVID-19, call the Illinois Coronavirus hotline 800-889-3931 or send an email to: [email protected] 

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Click links below for details about our 2020-21 return to school plan and a related FAQ document.

Restore Illinois Phase 4 School Day Plan


FAQ Regarding 2020-21 School Year 

Superintendent announces adjustment to school reopening plan
Posted 8/3/20
Thank you for your understanding and patience during this unusual journey as we prepare to launch the school year. We believe our Hybrid model of instruction provides a strong academic experience for both in-person and remote learning. However, due to the complexities of launching this schedule, it has become necessary to proceed with launching Fully Remote livestream learning for all students on Aug. 17 and delaying the in-person/Hybrid model until Sept. 8. Reasons for this include the following:

  • We have been faced with the challenge of hiring levels of additional support staff necessary to sustain and operate a safe and healthy school day. Staffing issues include hiring those employees who will supervise students, ensure areas are appropriately cleaned and sanitized, and facilitate the appropriate routines and safety protocols.
  • We are working through our building capacity planning, which is contingent on our family survey. Specifically, how many families select Fully Remote learning for their students versus our Hybrid learning model.  Survey results were due August 2.
  • In addition, postponing the in-person portion of the Hybrid model allows faculty and students to carefully and effectively focus on becoming accustomed to the features of livestreaming instruction.
  • Lastly, we believe ensuring a safe and efficient educational day for our students and teachers requires significant detailed planning regarding the operations, functions and routines of the school day. The Sept. 8 start will provide the time to thoroughly prepare to ensure a safe, manageable and productive day for our students.

Our goal is to launch our in-person/Hybrid model on Sept. 8. You may review our Fully Remote and Hybrid models here.

Also, please review our FAQ regarding the 2020-21 school year and draft IHSA guidance for sports seasons.  When the final IHSA plan is approved, the modified fall sports season will begin regardless of the instructional model we are deploying.

While this is an adjustment to our plan, know that we are very confident with the features and options provided by our robust technology infrastructure. Teachers can livestream lessons and have the ability for all students to collaborate in Zoom breakout rooms. With iPads, Zoom, Schoology and other tools Glenbard has a complete digital classroom. Teacher-led instruction is provided according to the following schedule:

Period 1:  7:30-8:40 Period 1:  7:30-8:40 Period 1: 7:30-8:10

Period 2: 8:20-9:00

Period 6:  7:30-8:40 Period 6:  7:30-8:40
Period 2: 8:45-9:55 Period 2: 8:45-9:55 Period 3: 9:10-9:50

Period 4: 10:00-10:40

Period 7: 8:45-9:55 Period 7: 8:45-9:55
Period 3: 10:00-11:10 Period 3: 10:00-11:10 Period 5: 10:50-11:30

Period 6: 11:40-12:20

Period 8: 10:00-11:10 Period 8: 10:00-11:10
Period 4: 11:15-12:25 Period 4: 11:15-12:25 Period 7: 12:30-1:10

Period 8: 1:20-2:00

Period 5: 11:15-12:25 Period 5: 11:15-12:25
Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday 1:00-2:25: Students participate in additional learning activities via Schoology, attend teacher office hours, complete homework as assigned.

Zero hour does not meet at a specific time and these courses have learning activities available via Schoology.

David F. Larson, Ed.D.

Recording of school webinars re: return to school
Each of our high schools hosted a webinar about our return to school plan. You may watch a recording of the webinar at the links below.

Glenbard East
Glenbard North
Glenbard South
Glenbard West

To offer feedback on the plan, use the Feedback Form.

Return to school webinar slideshow and video
Posted 7/29/20

Return to school webinar slideshow
Return to school webinar video en Espanol
Return to school slideshow presentation en Espanol 
Return to school parent feedback form

Principals to host family webinar re: return to school
Posted 7/28/20

This week, each of our principals will host a webinar designed to educate families about our return to school model of instruction for the fall semester. Details about the webinar, including a link to the webinar, are in the news feed on each high school’s website and at each school’s link below.

The webinars will be hosted at 6 p.m. on the following dates:
East – July 28

North – July 28

South – July 29

West – July 29

A copy of the presentation is here. Each webinar will be recorded each evening and a link to the recording will be shared with families after the webinar ends.

Helpful information to review prior to the webinar includes:

Glenbard School Day Plan for Families Link

FAQ Regarding 2020-21 School Year

Families may choose Fully Remote or Hybrid model July 27 – Aug. 2
Posted 7/25/20

Starting on July 27, families should follow the steps below to log into PowerSchool and choose either our return to school Hybrid model or Fully Remote model. The deadline to choose is Aug. 2.

Follow these steps to indicate your choice:

  • Login to PowerSchool with your parent account
  • Select Fully Remote or Hybrid in the pop-up window for each of your students
  • Deadline to choose Fully Remote is Aug. 2

Review our D87 Restore Illinois Phase 4 School Day Plan and a related FAQ.

Be sure to note the following important dates related to return to school:

  • July 27 – PowerSchool feature that allows parents/guardians to choose our Fully Remote Option goes live.
  • August 2 – Deadline for Fully Remote option students/families to indicate their choice in PowerSchool.
  • August 10 – Teachers return.
  • August 17 – First day for students.

Superintendent shares Restore Illinois Phase 4 School Day Plan
Posted 7/22/20

Restore Illinois Phase 4 School Day Plan

FAQ Regarding 2020-21 School Year

Dear D87 Parents and Guardians,   

I trust that you have been able to enjoy this summer despite the many challenges caused by the pandemic crisis. Many thanks for your patience and support as we have navigated through a challenging opening of the school year planning process due to slow, inconsistent and sometimes confusing guidelines and mandates distributed by state agencies.

After a careful and intentional design process, we are confident that the D87 Restore Illinois Phase Four 4 School Day Plan will meet the needs of all students and families. See the D87 Restore Illinois Phase Four 4 School Day Plan and FAQ.  The plan includes the following strengths and advantages:

  1. Key steps, structures and processes built into the school day to adhere to mandated health and safety guidelines of the Illinois Department of Public Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and DuPage County Department of Health.
  2. While managing and limiting high numbers of students within the building, the redesigned schedule prioritizes teacher-led instruction.
  3. Families who choose the fullyremote online learning option will benefit from the same amount of teacher-led instruction as those participating in the hybrid option. 
  4. There are allotted times for students to receive additional  support, help and resources.
  5. The plan positions D87 to pivot and shift quickly, between hybrid and fully remote online learning,even by the August 17 start of school date, should that be necessary.

Parents and guardians of each D87 high school will have the opportunity to hear an overview of the plan in a webinar format at the following times:

Glenbard East   – Tuesday, July 28, at 6 p.m.
Glenbard North – Tuesday, July 28, at 6 p.m.
Glenbard South – Wednesday, July 29, at 6 p.m.
Glenbard West – Wednesday, July 29, at 6 p.m.

Directions or Transition programs – it is recommended that you join one of the webinars listed above. Directions Principal Raquel Wilson or Transition Supervisor Dawn Langdon will contact you separately to gather input/feedback on the 2020-21 plan.

After the plan is reviewed during the webinar, there will be an opportunity for parents and guardians to submit questions and ideas that will help in future planning and additions to the FAQ.

Your principal will send a follow-up email with access information for your school’s webinar. 

Important dates: 

August 2 – Deadline for Fully Remote Option students/families to notify district
August 10 – Teachers Return
August 17 – First Day for Students

We understand the difficult decisions, adjustments and sacrifices that everyone needs to make as we face down the pandemic. We appreciate your support and understanding. We will get through this together.

David F. Larson, Ed.D.