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Financial Aid - School Fees

Glenbard Township High School District 87 assesses fees to all students of the district. School Policy 4:140 defines “school fees” or “fees” as any monetary charges collected by the District from a student or the Parent/Guardian of a student as a prerequisite to the student’s participation in any curricular or extracurricular program of the District.

“School Fees” include but are not limited to:

  • Charges for use of property (locks, towels, lab equipment)
  • Textbooks, electronic devices, and instructional materials
  • Field trips during school hours
  • Equipment used in varsity and intramural sports or fine arts programs
  • Participation in extracurricular activities
  • Required class supplies
  • Graduation fees
  • School health services
  • Driver’s education fees
  • Student Activity Pass

Administrative procedure 4:140-AP2 states that the expenses for all items shall be waived to those students who are approved for the waiver. Textbooks and/or electronic devices shall be loaned free of charge to the student approved for waiver. The student will return the textbooks and/or electronic devices upon completion of the course. If textbooks and/or electronic devices are not returned, it is the responsibility of the student and/or parent to pay for these items and fines.                                       

Families who currently qualify to receive free lunch may be eligible for a fee waiver and must submit a completed waiver application. The application may be obtained from the school’s Assistant Principal for Student Services or you may access and fill in the application online (link below), print, and mail with all required income information to your child’s school, Attention Student Services; or you may drop off the completed application and required to documents at the Front Desk of the school your child attends. 

District 87’s criteria for the fee waiver program is consistent with the federal guidelines for income and number of family members per household (see table to below). 

Federal Income Guidelines (Effective from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021)

Free Meals (130% Federal Poverty Guideline)

Household Size                Annual           Monthly        Twice Per Month       Every Two Weeks          Weekly

             1                            16,588               1,383                       692                              638                          319

             2                            22,412               1,868                       934                              862                          431

             3                            28,236               2,353                    1,177                           1,086                          543

             4                            34,060               2,839                    1,420                           1,310                          655

             5                            39,884               3,324                    1,662                           1,534                          767

             6                            45,708               3,809                    1,905                           1,758                          879

             7                            51,532               4,295                    2,148                           1,982                          991

             8                            57,356               4,780                    2,390                           2,206                       1,103

For each individual
family member, add          5,824                   486                       243                               224                         112

Evidence required for waiver approval is as follows:

  • Letter from Department of Human Services (DHS) citing benefits approved for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Program. Link cards cannot be accepted as proof of benefits. 


  • Verification of total income within the Federal Government Income Eligibility Guidelines (see required documents below). Children in foster care may receive a waiver of fees regardless of income.

 Household Income includes income from work; unemployment, disability, and social security benefits; child and spousal support; income from rental properties, etc.  To verify current income, applicants must provide the following: 

  • Copy of two most current pay stubs or most recent benefit statement(s) for all household members with income*, and
  • Copy of the most recent W-2 form(s) for all household members with income*, and
  • Copy of Pages 1 and 2 of the most recent Federal 1040 tax form showing all dependents AND 1040 – Schedule 1 (if applicable). If your household includes others not listed on your 1040 tax form, you must write all household member names on the application, indicate their relationship to you, and include all income information for the additional household members as instructed above.

 * If you are self-employed and do not receive pay stubs and/or W2 forms, you may submit a 1099 tax form in lieu of a W2 form.  You must submit a record of income and expenses from the business over a recent period of time (e.g. profit/loss record for a period of at least 3 months; copy of Schedule C from your most recent income tax filing, etc.)  Families that do not qualify based on the income criteria above may still apply for waivers by submitting the Application for Waiver of Student Fees. Eligibility may be determined based on extraordinary circumstances such as those referenced below.  If your income is greater than the guidelines but you have extraordinary circumstances to be considered in determining eligibility for a waiver of fees, please attach a letter to your application which explains the situation.

  • Serious illness in the family
  • Extraordinary expenses such as fire, flood or storm damage
  • Emergency situations

Applications will be reviewed by District Administration. Notification after decision will be made in the form of a letter to the applicant within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt of the request. If your application is denied, the letter shall state the reason for the denial and shall inform the parents of their right to appeal, including the process and timelines for that action.

Parents/Guardians who submit an appeal within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt of denial shall have the right to explain why the waiver should be granted.  Appeal shall not be decided by the same person who denied the original application.

If circumstances change during the school year, parents may reapply for the waiver.

If the waiver request is denied, the Student Account may be placed on the District Installment Payment Plan.  The District Installment Payment Plan provides families the option to pay fees over the course of the school year.  Families will be required to make timely payments via 1) credit card, 2) ACH debit to a bank account, or 3) Statement Plan, and will be required to keep the account current.  Consequences for nonpayment are as follows:

Sophomore, Junior and Senior year – Student may not attend school dances, specifically Homecoming and Prom.

Senior year – Student may not participate in Graduation Ceremonies.           

Driver’s Education Students – Students enrolled in the Behind the Wheel class must have paid the course fee in full or be consistently making installment payments for the course before course completion record will be forwarded to the Secretary of State to allow student to obtain a driver’s license.

iPad Summer Use – Students who owe money at the end of the school year will be allowed to retain their device, however the device will be disabled by the District over the summer until outstanding fees are paid.  Note:  Students who enroll in summer school and have an unpaid balance will be able to use their device while they are in summer school. (9:010-E2)

Delinquent accounts and Post-Graduation – Unpaid account balances may be transferred to a Collection Agency.

Fee Waiver Cover Letter AND Application – School Year 2020-2021 – English

Fee Waiver Cover Letter AND Application – School Year 2020-2021 – Spanish

If you have questions regarding the Waiver of Fees or the Installment Payment Plan, please feel free to contact the Assistant Principal for Student Services or call the school’s Help Line at:

Glenbard East: 630/627-9250                                          Glenbard West: 630/469-8600

Glenbard North: 630/653-7000                                       Glenbard South: 630/469-6500      

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