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Board Strategic Plan

Mission: We inspire and empower each student to become a critical thinker who engages as a global citizen.

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Beliefs and Convictions:  

  1. We are committed to ensuring a course sequence that prepares students for college, the global workforce and personal success, regardless of their academic preparedness upon entering 9th grade.
  2. We are committed to closing achievement gaps with all of our students.
  3. We are committed to encouraging all students to “level up” to more challenging coursework in an area of interest. This commitment is informed by the research that shows abilities, including intelligence, are not fixed but rather grow with dedication and hard work (growth mindset).
  4. We are committed to deploying evidence-based instructional practices that develop students’ knowledge and skills in order to succeed after high school. We commit to:
  • Meet the demands of state and national standards for critical reasoning, creative thinking, and rigorous reading/writing,
  • Accelerate struggling students through the classroom intervention process,
  • Apply formative assessment practices that engage and motivate students in the learning process,
  • Foster independent, creative and self-directed learning and
  • Leverage instructional technology as a tool.
  1. We are committed to improving student success through developing and deploying practices for both academic proficiency and Social Emotional Learning.
  2. We are committed to providing opportunities that encourage students to explore areas of interest beyond the four core subjects.
  3. We are committed to fostering an inviting culture that engages students in an array of extracurricular opportunities that reflect the interests of students from diverse backgrounds.
  4. We are committed to building a staff that reflects the diversity of our student body and our community.
  5. We are committed to investing in resources and programs that support the educational success of our students while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

Measurement of Goals

Board of Education Goals 8-21-19