Board Strategic Plan

Mission:  We are a community committed to inspiring and empowering all learners to succeed.

Vision:  Our district is a safe, caring, diverse community of schools whose students are:
        Knowledgeable people
        Critical thinkers
        Effective communicators
        Quality producers
        Collaborative workers
        Responsible individuals committed to a greater good in our world.

Measurement of Goals:  Check progress toward our strategic plan goals click here 
Inspire … Empower … Succeed

Core Values
Learner Focus:  We make decisions in the best interests of our students. We believe that students should be responsible for their own learning.  

Learning Community:  We recognize that everyone shares in the responsibility of creating a safe, nurturing environment in which students are supported and encouraged to learn.  We recognize that a partnership with parents and community is critical to our success.

Quality employees:  We recognize that our ability to recruit and retain quality employees enhances the attainment of our mission and vision.

Continuous improvement:  We will strive for continuous improvement recognizing that being open to change is a risk worth taking.

Professional development:  We believe that continued learning for faculty and staff keeps the district aligned to best practice and better equipped to achieve our mission and vision.  Learning is an empowering, lifelong process.

Data analysis:  We recognize that the use data to enhance instruction and evaluate programs and processes ultimately increases student achievement.

Accountability:  We acknowledge that individuals must be accountable for their performance, decisions, and actions that follow.

Communication and collaboration:  We recognize effective communication and collaborative decision-making is vital to building understanding, relationships, and trust.

Resources:  We will align our resources of people, time, technology, and money to make progress.

Strategic Priorities

Priority 1:  Create pathways to success for every student aligning standards, assessment, and instruction.
Engage all students in problem-solving, critical thinking, and the capacity to construct knowledge while connecting curriculum to real-world contexts.

Prepare students for successful transition into post-secondary education and careers through consistent course/subject learning targets, assessments of common course standards and outcomes, consistent use of best practice instructional strategies, and aligned staff development. Develop strategies to provide students with opportunities to take responsibility for their own learning.  

Priority 2:  Foster a supportive, safe environment that inspires learning and encourages engagement with the school
Provide intervention strategies to address significant  achievement gaps for whom they exist.
Create personalized learning environments that address each student’s academic, social and emotional needs.   Promote professional learning teams that make efficient use of collaboration time to improve student achievement. Improve student attendance at all schools.

Priority 3: Strengthen productive home, school, and community partnerships for education
Improve two-way parent and community communication systems to ensure needs and requirements are clearly understood, addressed, and responded to in a timely way.  Seek parent and community input into decisions that affect them.
Engage all facets of the Glenbard community to facilitate progress toward achieving the district’s shared vision.  Collect, report, analyze, and act on student, staff, parent, and community feedback on a regular basis.

Priority 4: Create a positive, collaborative, work environment dedicated to continuous improvement
Improve two-way communication systems between the district office and all schools to ensure all needs and requirements are clearly understood and responded to in a timely way.  Seek staff input into decisions that affect them. Recruit and retain a highly qualified staff that reflects the diversity of our students.  Set clear expectations for all employees and provide meaningful evaluation to celebrate strengths and provide opportunity for growth. Collaborate within and among schools and district office to define district parameters while allowing for individual school autonomy.

Priority 5: Make efficient, effective, and equitable use of resources that are essential to the educational success of students.
Develop a clear process to allocate financial resources aligned to strategic mission, vision, and priorities.
Increase staff, parents, and community awareness of the district’s five-year financial forecast and how district financial data compares with high school districts in the area. Support appropriate use of technology to enhance teaching and learning.

Measurement of Goals:

Board of Education Goals