Title I
The federal government implemented the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) in 2017 in response to the expiration of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation. Under this act, qualifying schools receive additional financial assistance from the federal government to aid students in attaining an high-quality education despite the inherent challenges associated with demonstrated financial hardship. Depending on the number of students with qualified need, schools may qualify for Title I programs that are designated either as Targeted (funds must be specifically allocated to programs that are intended exclusively for the purposes of serving at-risk students) or School-wide (more than 40% of students are experiencing financial hardship, so funds may be used to serve all students at the school). In either scenario, Title I funds are intended to provide supplemental educational services to support at-risk students.
Under the ESSA guidelines, Glenbard East qualifies to receive Title I funds in a school-wide format, and Glenbard North qualifies to receive Title I funds under a targeted format. Funding is primarily used at both schools to provide specialized programming, and additional staffing and supplies to assist the achievement of our most challenged learners. 

Parents/guardians who are interested in further details on how these funds are used or would like to provide suggestions on future potential expenditures related to these funds are encouraged to contact Coordinator for Student Services, Directions Program and Title I Jordan Poll at 630-790-5800  Extension 6200 or [email protected]