Family Information

Student handbooks are published every summer and available to each student on their iPad. Families may view the same handbook at the links below. The handbooks are at the following links:

Glenbard East Student Handbook
Glenbard North Student Handbook
Glenbard South Student Handbook
Glenbard West Student Handbook
Directions Program Handbook
Northern Transition Handbook
Southern Transition Handbook

Students are encouraged to contact their teachers and/or school counselors if they have academic questions or concerns. Using email is a great way for you or your student to set up a call or appointment. If you are looking to contact your student’s counselor or any other staff member please call or email them directly. Use the Contact tab on your building’s website:

Glenbard East High School
Glenbard North High School
Glenbard South High School
Glenbard West High School
Directions Program

If you are looking for community resources or supports for your family, your student or a friend, please check out our Community Resources and Community Online Resources.

Looking for more information? Check out the Parent/Family tab on the district or school’s website.