Student Fees

Glenbard Township High School District 87
Fee Schedule: 2024-25 School Year






Registration & Fees  (Prompt pay fee is $225 per student if paid by due date; fee is $250 if not paid by due date) – Includes registration; all course fees; student activity pass & handbook Annual $225 $200
Drivers Education – Behind the Wheel Fee  (if student enrolled in course) Annual $350  $350
Technology Device Rental Fee  (Includes iPad; Case; Charger; Insurance; Loaner Program and Tech Support) Annual Grades 9 & 10 = $174
Grades 11 & 12 = $149
Grade 9 = $174
Grades 10-12 = $149
Technology Device Insurance Deductible – 1st occurrence Per Occurrence $75 $75
Technology Device Insurance Deductible – 2nd occurrence Per Occurrence $150 $150
Technology Device Insurance Deductible – 3rd occurrence Per Occurrence $300 $300
Digital Curriculum Fee & Required Apps2 Annual $85 $85
Gym Uniform Set  (Lock $6; Shirt $6; Shorts $12) – All Freshman charged Annual $24 $24
Athletic Participation Fee  (Includes participation in unlimited sports for year) Annual $175 $150
Parking  [On campus & Heritage Presbyterian church lot (North) – reserved] Annual $200 $200
Parking  (Off campus – reserved) Annual $100 $100
Fee Based Busing (Prorated) – Students that live less than 1.5 miles from school Annual $300 $300
Payment Plan Convenience Fee  (‘4 payment plan’)  Annual $0 $7
Advanced Placement (AP) Exam Fee3 Per Course TBD $96
Advanced Placement (AP) Exam Fee – AP Seminar/ AP Research3 Per Course TBD $144
Advanced Placement (AP) Unused/Canceled Exam Fee3 Per Course TBD $40
Credit Course(s)# Per Course $350 $285
Technology Center of DuPage – TCD Course Kit Fee As Required   TCD Kit Fee Schedule


1 – After family/student makes four annual technology device rental payments & if student’s accounts receivable account is paid in full, then device is owned outright by the family for $0 buyout.

2 – Digital Curriculum Fee provides for digital curriculum and apps. If hard bound textbooks; novels or workbooks are required, these materials will be provided at no charge. Students will be responsible for returning textbooks in good condition at end of term, or fines could apply [Note: Other consumable items such as gym uniforms, etc. must be purchased outright by families and are not eligible for sell-back to District 87]. May be pro-rated at semester level only.

3 – Advanced Placement (AP) exam fee will be charged to each student enrolled in AP course; Charge was $96 prior year and is estimated not to exceed $100 per course – actual cost of exam will be passed on to families; AP Seminar/AP Research exam fee was $144 prior year; Family will have opportunity to ‘opt out’ of the exam and fee by October 15, 2024. Glenbard will provide 1 AP test at no-charge, for each student. Note: There will be an unused/canceled exam fee based on cost from vendor (previously $40) if exam is not taken and is returned to vendor.

# – Credit Recovery, Bridge, and Enrichment courses will be offered at no cost to students and families. This represents the third consecutive year the District has waived those fees. Only Get Ahead Credit courses will be assessed a $350 fee.