Profile of a Graduate

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Profile of a Graduate: Six Competencies

Is Self-Empowered
  • Practices responsible decision-making and considers impact on others
  • Creates, monitors and reflects upon ambitious and realistic goals 
  • Builds and sustains strong, healthy relationships 
  • Advocates for self and others in a socially responsible, empathetic manner
  • Employs a growth mindset that includes self-regulation, motivation, and resiliency
  • Demonstrates and works to develop an understanding of audience and self
  • Adapts message, style and tone to the chosen medium, audience, and purpose
  • Utilizes clear, concise, and effective oral and written communication
  • Listens actively and responds with empathy and respect
  • Initiates and sustains meaningful conversation in a variety of settings
Thinks Critically
  • Leverages curiosity to identify problems and take intellectual risks
  • Examines and challenges assumptions, making decisions based on evidence
  • Reasons effectively to make logical judgements and explanations
  • Develops a variety of solutions and arguments to authentic problems
  • Questions one’s own thinking, reasoning and beliefs
Embraces Diversity
  • Intentionally develops and shares identities and intersectionality of self
  • Respects diverse backgrounds and seeks varied points of view to deepen understanding
  • Creates community through mutual respect
  • Understands own biases and reflects on them regularly
  • Actively works to develop empathy for others
  • Finds opportunities to embrace and affirm one’s authentic self
  • Solves real problems that are passion and purpose driven, in local community and around the world
  • Generates original ideas, solutions, and products in imaginative ways
  • Open and responsive to new ideas and perspectives
  • Extracts learning from failure to move ideas forward
  • Reflects meaningfully on feedback while able to set aside personal biases.
  • Novel use and application of prior knowledge
  • Inspires and motivates others toward a common purpose
  • Takes responsibility for self and team through shared, focused leadership
  • Receives, provides and learns from constructive feedback
  • Values and understands mutual accountability to the mission
  • Optimizes digital tools to learn and grow with others
  • Is generous in sharing ideas with others

Video about our Profile of a Graduate:

Profile of a Graduate Process

The Profile of a Graduate is our vision for the future. It identifies the abilities or qualities that characterize our graduates and guides our work to advance how we prepare students for college, careers and life.

We owe a debt of gratitude to our Profile of a Graduate Committee, a group of 64 students, parents, community members, teachers, administrators and Board of Education members, who met three times during 2019 to develop our profile.

As part of our process, we hosted a Thoughtexchange community conversation in November 2018. Thoughtexchange, an online tool, captured the thoughts of community members, parents, students and staff regarding what Glenbard graduates should know and be able to do when they graduate. The responses ensured our Profile of a Graduate reflects the community’s perspective and expectations.

We are excited about moving forward with work to support our Profile of a Graduate and each of our students.