Inclement Weather

Emergency E-learning Day
Glenbard is approved to use e-learning in place of emergency days when desired. This includes winter storms, water or electrical outages in our buildings, etc. This is not connected to the COVID-19 pandemic. These e-learning days could be used for specific buildings with emergencies or district-wide.

An emergency e-learning day would mean there is no in-person learning; buildings are closed; and all learning takes place online. In the event an emergency e-learning day is necessary, we will communicate the decision via our websites, Glenbard News e-newsletter, automated call, Twitter and Instagram and local news outlets.

Please note that there may still be a need to use emergency days without e-learning if an emergency happens with little warning and there is not enough time to activate the e-learning plan. We would communicate that to staff, students and families.

When the weather is bad, Glenbard District 87 follows a set of guidelines for deciding if school will be in session. 
The district must make one decision that is the best for all students. This decision may not fit with your individual circumstances; therefore, we encourage you to make the decision that is best for your student.

The process for deciding when schools are open or closed due to bad weather:
Glenbard administrators review the weather conditions very early in the morning and determine if all buildings are accessible for students and the staff.  We also consult with bus companies to see if buses will be able to travel safely to and from school. This is the primary factor in making our decision.  The superintendent participates in an early morning conference call with all elementary feeder district superintendents and surrounding high school superintendents.  We decide whether to close schools by 5:30 a.m. and then communicate this decision via social media, Glenbard News, automated call and information to local news outlets. When school is closed due to inclement weather, no transportation will be provided for students to attend alternative (not Glenbard) schools.

How you can find out if schools are closed:
On days when the weather is bad, please check our website.  If Glenbard schools are closed, we will communicate the decision via our websites, Glenbard News e-newsletter, automated call, social media and local news outlets. Also, you may check the Emergency Closing Center or tune in to any local radio or television station for information about school closings.

Is transportation provided when schools are closed because of weather?
When schools close due to weather, all transportation is cancelled.

When schools are closed for non-weather-related reasons:
If you have a question about whether schools or a particular school will be closed for reasons other than severe weather, please visit our website or tune to local radio or television stations.

When schools are closed because of extreme cold
When the National Weather Service has a wind chill WARNING for DuPage County in effect for the time just before the school day begins, we will make a decision if our schools should close. It is likely we would make the closing decision on the morning of the day in question. If there were a wind chill ADVISORY (not a WARNING), schools likely would be open. 

When schools are closed, are after-school activities canceled?
When schools are closed due to inclement weather, we will assess the situation at mid-day and make a determination regarding after-school activities.  Please visit our website after 1 p.m. on the day of a weather-related school closing.

Why schools are not dismissed early on days when the weather is bad
In many of our families, adults work outside the home and they have no child care arrangements for younger children available before the end of the school day. However, if your schedule allows and if you feel your student(s) would be safer at home, you may pick up your student(s) before the end of the school day. If you do, go to the school office and request that your student(s) be dismissed to you.

We try to keep schools open
We try to keep schools open if it is safe to do so. However, parents can always make the decision to keep their student(s) at home in bad weather.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation
For every family that is happy that school is in session on days when the weather is bad, there is another family that feels schools should be closed. Be assured that we use safety considerations in making all of our weather decisions.  We appreciate your understanding of the difficulties in making this decision and your support in helping your student get to school safely on days with inclement weather.