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COVID-19 Dashboard

This dashboard provides a summary of information regarding newly reported confirmed cases of COVID-19, newly quarantined individuals, saliva sample analysis and DuPage County COVID-19 School Metrics, which include:

  • Illinois Department of Public Health county level risk metric color
  • New cases per 100,000
  • Weekly case count trend
  • Weekly youth (younger than 20) case count trend
  • Weekly test positivity
  • Neighboring/regional indicator level

We will update the dashboard each Monday that school is in session at approximately 4 p.m.

Due to health privacy laws, personally identifiable information for COVID-19 positive individuals will not be shared.

Additional information:

  • Positive Case: an individual has been tested and received a report confirming they have the virus. These individuals will isolate for a minimum of 10 days from onset of symptoms and for 24 hours with no fever and upon meeting the criteria set by the Illinois Department of Public Health’s (IDPH) Exclusion Guidance Decision Tree can return to school. Recommendations from the IDPH are here.
  • We directly contact individuals (or, parents/guardians of students) who may have been exposed to a positive COVID-19 case. Staff and families who are not contacted by Glenbard can assume there was no close contact with the COVID-positive individual.
  • Glenbard does not send a separate communication to the full school/district community each time a case is confirmed. Instead, this dashboard serves as a general information source for the community. Glenbard also sends notices to individuals when they were around a case (not close contact). This low-risk notice is intended to be transparent and remind individuals to take precautions and monitor their health.
  • The data on this dashboard will be reviewed and updated weekly. Updates should appear on Monday afternoons that school is in session and reflect data from the week(s) prior.

Saliva Sample Analysis
Each week, students and staff provide a saliva sample in a small vial with a unique barcode sticker affixed. These samples are collected at home and returned to the school each week for analysis. If a sample indicates a potential presence of COVID-19, the individual will be referred to a CLIA-certified lab for a diagnostic test. CLIA is the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments to the Public Health Services Act. Parents/guardians will not be contacted if their student receives a negative result. The table below has the most recent saliva sample analysis data. 

Saliva screening summary 6 14 21
As of 3/8/2021, this data was updated to include all saliva screening results. It had previously reflected student results only.

Saliva Screening Individuals Results.Outcome Bar Graph Week Ending 6.11.21
Positive Chart Week Ending 6.11.21

Positive Table Week Ending 6.11.21

Quarantined Chart Week Ending 6.11.21

Quaranteed Table Week Ending 6.11.21

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