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Do you have a question or comment about Glenbard District 87 school business to be forwarded to the Board of Education? Click here or email 

After you have sent your email, the superintendent's office will communicate with the Board, facilitate your concern and respond to you. Be assured that your message will be delivered, and you will receive a response if you have a question.

The following is contact information for each of the Glenbard high schools, as well as the administrative center.

Main Phone
Attendance Phone
1014 South Main Street, Lombard, IL 60148
(630) 627-9250
(630) 627-9264
(630) 627-2595
670 Crescent Boulevard, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
(630) 469-8600
(630) 469-8615
(630) 858-5060
990 Kuhn Road, Carol Stream, IL 60188
(630) 653-7000
(630) 653-7259
(630) 653-9092
23W200 Butterfield Road, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
(630) 469-6500
(630) 469-6572
(630) 942-6684
596 Crescent Boulevard, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
(630) 469-9100
(630) 469-9107
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Administrative Center Contacts

Superintendent's Office
Dr. David Larson
Phone Extension: x5142

Roberta Crowe
Phone Extension: x5142
Assistant to Superintendent & Secretary to Board of Education

Peg Mannion
Phone Extension: x5124
Community Relations Coordinator

Human Resources Office
Mr. Rodney Molek
Phone Extension: x5116
Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources

Frances Schuck
Phone Extension: x5123
Human Resources Assistant

Valerie Goff
Phone Number: 630/469-9100

Barbara Nimmo
Phone Extension: x5129
Human Resources Coordinator

Donna Gastel
Phone Extension: x5112
Human Resources Assistant

Educational Services Office
Dr. Jeffrey Feucht
Phone Extension x5146
Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services

Kathi Melka
Phone Extension: x5165
Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent

Janet Cook
Phone Extension: x5101
Director of Student Services
(Homeless Liaison)

Monica Torres
Phone Extension: x5115
Assistant to Director of Student Services

Eliana Callan
Phone Extension: x 5167
District ELL Coordinator

Gilda Ross
Phone Extension: x 5147
Student & Community Projects Coordinator

Limaris Pueyo
Phone Extension x1220
Title 1 Coordinator

Ryan Goble
Phone Extensioin  x5156
Teaching & Learning Coordinator

Robert Lang
Phone Extension - x5295
Director of Instructional Technology

Business Services Office
Chris McClain
Phone Extension: x5122
Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations/CSBO

Donna Kelly
Phone Extension: x5125
Secretary to Assistant Superintendent for Business Services

Buildings Grounds & Transportation
Robert Verisario
Phone Extension: x2868
Director of Facilities and Transportation Services

Grace Siver
Phone Extension: x2870
Secretary to Director of Buildings and Grounds
Bus & Transportation Specialist

Glenbard Township High Schools District #87 | Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 | Phone: (630) 469-9100 Fax: (630) 469-9107