Continuing Responsible Financial Planning

Addressing Our Needs, Protecting Your Investment, Continuing Responsible Financial Planning:
Information about Glenbard District 87’s Referendum


Addressing Facility Improvement Needs in Our High Schools

Our aging high school buildings affect student learning because they do not allow best practices in instruction. Further, our schools are in need of repairs and renovations to improve safety and security.

Our March 19 referendum will:
• Upgrade safety and security in all four Glenbard high schools
• Improve science labs and classrooms
• Repair and renovate building infrastructure items, including roofs, windows, doors, floors, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems where needed
• Eliminate overcrowded spaces

A complete list of improvements can be found on our website at

Responsible Financial Planning

Our high school district spends less per pupil, on instruction and buildings, than most other area high school districts. Yet our students perform at a very high level. We spend less and get more in return.

Because of solid financial planning, our district can make $312 million in facility improvements while asking voters to approve a $183 million referendum. The balance of $129 million will come from the district’s operating budget.

The tax rate of Glenbard 87 has continued to decline. In fact, since 2015, Glenbard 87’s tax rate has fallen 36 cents. Even if the referendum passes, the district’s tax rate will remain well below its rate from a decade ago.

Protecting Our High Schools and Home Values

Replacing all four high schools would cost our community more than one billion dollars. That’s why, just like with your home, it is important to keep our high schools in good working condition. Further deterioration resulting from age and normal wear and tear will only increase the repair and renovation costs in future years.

It is well-documented that quality schools are a positive factor in protecting property values. This proposal will help protect the investment in our schools, and in homes.

Election Day is March 19 and Your Vote is Important

In any election, every vote counts. It’s important for you to vote on March 19 — and remind your friends and family to do the same.

For information about voting, visit the DuPage County Election Division at or call 630-407-5600.


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