March 2024 Community Newsletter

Protecting What Matters Most

Glenbard District 87’s $183 million referendum on the March 19 ballot will address critical facility needs in all four Glenbard high schools. 

Proposed investments include approximately:

  • $50 million for Glenbard East
  • $50 million for Glenbard North
  • $30 million for Glenbard South
  • $50 million for Glenbard West
  • Funding per school varies based on the age, size and condition of each building

Click here to view site plans for all four Glenbard high schools.

Address Real Needs

  1. Our four high schools are 51 to 101 years old.
  2. Safety & Security
    Upgrades are needed to safety and security systems, particularly at our entrances, to align with today’s best practices.
  3. Classroom and Science Lab Improvements
    * Update classroom design with best practices for teaching and learning.
    * Upgrade out-of-date science labs.
    * Add windows in windowless classrooms and replace lighting and flooring throughout educational spaces.
  4. Building Infrastructure
    Upgrades to roofs, windows, and electrical, mechanical and cooling systems.
  5. Relieve Overcrowding
    Upgrade cafeteria/commons areas to relieve overcrowding and provide flexible learning spaces.
  6. Access to Student Support Services
    Relocate commons areas to increase accessibility for key services such as social workers and school counselors.

Continue Responsible Planning

  1. The bond proposal will cost the owner of a $300,000 home about $4 per week. A tax estimate calculator is available at
  2. Glenbard spends less on facilities and operations, carries less debt and has a lower tax rate than the majority of districts in the metro area.
  3. Building system improvements will be energy efficient, yielding long-term savings.
  4. Facility improvements now avoid escalating construction costs later.
  5. The past two years, the School Board has abated (refunded) $3.5 million to taxpayers.

Glenbard at a Glance

  • Fourth-largest high school district in Illinois.
  • Glenbard’s four high schools are 51 to 101 years old.
  • Enrollment: nearly 8,000 students from nine communities.
  • Serving families in more than 65,000 households within Glenbard’s 45 square miles.
  • 1.6 million square feet of educational and community space.

Glenbard provides exceptional value to the community through efficient spending.

  • Operating funds provide resources to support high achievement despite maintaining one of the lowest Operating Expense per Pupil (OEPP) among peer school districts.

Our high school district spends less per pupil, on instruction and buildings, than most other area high school districts yet our students perform at a very high level. We spend less and get more in return.

When compared to peer districts, Glenbard has uniquely low long-term debt.

  • Since 1971, Glenbard has maintained minimal referendum debt. 
    • $90.9 million total or $1.75 million per year average.
  • Debt Service Fund: We have the lowest debt tax rates among all DuPage high school districts.