Need for Additional Funding

In 2023, a 10-year master facility plan was developed with Wold architects, Performance Services, Inc., our assistant principal for operations at each high school and assistant superintendent for finance and operations to identify a comprehensive list of all necessary projects to support efficient and effective operations.

Facility Improvement Priorities:

  • Infrastructure
  • Safety and security
  • Classroom environments
  • Science lab improvements
  • Best practices in learning
  • Overcrowding

Identified Facility Needs (10 years)
District-wide = $378 million

Prioritized Needs (10 years)
Overall Cost = $312 million

District Funded
Budgeted Funds = $129 million

Referendum Request, March 2024 (District-Wide)
Amount Needed = $183 million

Funding Estimates by School

The facility improvements funding per school varies based on the age, size and condition of each building.
     Glenbard East = $52 million
     Glenbard North = $47 million
     Glenbard South = $30 million
     Glenbard West = $54 million
     Total = $183 million