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December 15, 2020
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Details about analysis for COVID-19 & Jan. 19 return to hybrid learning model

I’m excited to share with you a new approach that will allow us to return to our hybrid learning model. We are targeting Tuesday, Jan. 19, to resume our hybrid model. This opportunity involves a commitment to analyze student and staff saliva samples for COVID-19.

On Dec. 14, the Board of Education authorized Glenbard to move forward with a services agreement with SafeGuard Surveillance, LLC.  Under this agreement, SafeGuard Surveillance will perform an RT-LAMP surveillance analysis of saliva samples for COVID-19.  In the event a sample indicates a potential presence of COVID-19, the individual will be notified of “findings of potential clinical significance”.  Parents/guardians will not be contacted if the student receives a negative result.

This agreement allows us to implement this additional, important safety mitigation for our staff and students who participate in hybrid in-person learning and in-person extracurricular activities.  This safety mitigation is in addition to our current mitigations of self-certification of symptoms, temperature screening, wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, cleaning protocols and regular washing of hands.

Action Necessary
If you selected our hybrid model of in-person learning for second semester for your student, you must agree to the COVID-19 Student Consent and Waiver in PowerSchool.  This requirement also applies to students who are enrolled in remote only learning for second semester who participate in in-person extracurricular activities and athletics.


  1. Login to your PowerSchool account using a web browser and agree to the COVID-19 Student Consent and Waiver by Dec. 22.
  2. Make sure your student submits their sample weekly. This requires your student to deposit a small amount of saliva in a sterile container at home each week. We will provide the container, which is a small vial. The container should then be wiped clean; placed in a sealable plastic bag, which we will provide; and returned to school each week.

 Student identity data will never be shared with SafeGuard Surveillance.

Glenbard will:

  1. Mail surveillance kits home in January. Instructions will be provided in the kit. COVID-19 Student Consent and Waiver must be agreed to in PowerSchool by Dec. 22.
  2. Notify parents/guardians if the sample indicates a potential presence of COVID-19. We will notify “findings of potential clinical significance” and provide follow-up steps for you to take. We will not notify you if your student receives a negative result.

More information regarding this program can be found on our FAQ here.

Weekly Schedule
The weekly schedule below is the schedule we plan to follow; however, if we identify COVID-19 spread happening in our buildings, we may need to pivot back to fully remote learning to prevent a wider outbreak.  Our schedule provides a quality educational experience with direct instruction to students both in person and remote. Our teachers are livestreaming lessons and providing instruction and assistance each day. This is an optimal schedule for families who want their students in school, as well as those who prefer to have their students learning at home.

Weekly Schedule Second Semester

Return to Hybrid Learning Model on Jan. 19
We believe the saliva sample analysis mitigation is an additional tool for us to return to hybrid in-person learning. We plan to resume our hybrid learning model on Tuesday, Jan. 19.

We believe this additional safety mitigation is extremely important for us to continue providing a safe school environment for students and staff.  Many thanks for your continued support and commitment to safety.

David F. Larson, Ed.D.